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Would You Bring Your Sex Doll Girlfriend Home to Meet Your Parents?

In the realm of unconventional relationships, a peculiar moment often arises for those with a silicone sex doll girlfriend—their introduction to parents. The prospect of unveiling this unique bond to unsuspecting parents evokes a sense of uncertainty. Anticipating their reaction becomes a delicate dance, for “beaming with pride” seldom finds a place in the spectrum […]

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Burn Fat and Calories with Sex Dolls: A Surprising Fitness Alternative

Regular sexual activity can have a positive impact on both male and female blood flow, from erection to fullness. It’s easy to imagine that these processes dilate blood vessels and moderately use the pumping ability of the heart, thereby reducing the risk of heart-related complications. Sexual activity enhances the immune system Studies have shown that […]

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Do Sex Dolls Feel Real

HYDOLL has received feedback from many customers, some of whom find the experience feel good and realistic. Some people feel different than real people, and some people feel better than real people. Why is there such a big difference? According to HYDOLL customers, it’s all about personal sense of self and preferences. Some people prefer […]

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First, when this article: came into my eyes, I am curious. After reading this article, I would say it is irresponsible. what do we call a scam? All the things on the website and emails are telling the truth. He didn’t buy a doll from us, which means he didn’t lose his money either. Plus, […]

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History of the Sex Doll

sex doll my brunette sex doll Boris sex dolls were already present several centuries ago but quite different to what we can know since about thirty years, period at which the industry started to realize sex dolls as we know them today. Historically, over the centuries and the various cultures that have passed through them, […]

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But What is a Sex Doll

A sex doll is a new generation of sex dolls using the latest technology in hyper-realistic rubber.A sex doll is also known as a love doll, a real doll or a sex doll in French. Sex dolls are very realistic, life-size female and male dolls made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) or silicone. Sex dolls have […]

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What Can a Sex Doll Do for You

A sex doll will give you a more realistic sexual experience than an inflatable doll, thanks to their design based on high-quality TPE, which will make them more alive both visually and in terms of touch and sexual sensations during intercourse.The sex dolls on have benefited from a strong technological evolution and are no […]

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Sex Doll Business

The home-based business House of Dolls opened in December 2018, renting out nights with anatomically correct TPE silicone sex dolls. Fervor, both positive and negative, followed, with business owner Kristen Dickson doing numerous media interviews after her company’s website launched, crashing several times due to traffic overload. However, by March 2019, House of Dolls was […]

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Erotic Massage: The Latest News

Sensual massages are a nice diversion, as well as a panacea for the couple. If you want a threesome, you can invite another mate, or you can use a sex doll to accompany you. We have said it many times: the massage relaxes the body and the mind, giving remarkable cues also to refresh the […]


NSFW Why Sexdoll is the future of sex

Sex dolls are often seen as indifferent female mockery, and the men who use them are considered solitary perverts, slamming into plastic holes. Opinion is wrong. But that doesn’t matter today, as more and more people begin to understand, accept and change their perceptions of sex dolls. Dr Helen Driscoll, Senior Psychology Lecturer and Research […]

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Lars and the Real Girl

But making realistic sex dolls more and more like people can give people the feeling of companionship?In the final analysis, people can only tell their own stories. Even in the face of silicone dolls, it is themselves who are finally replaced. As Hellinger said, “you have to find the right person” is a paradox in […]


Marriage And Happiness

Sex dolls can save your marriage. Do you even know reality? Yes, love dolls can save your wedding life. This sentence is true. Well, most couples usually cheat on their sexuality. Couples experience periods of no sex due to age, job, sexual desire, or other stressors. In this situation, couples often look for another person […]

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How Sex Doll Maintains Your Marriage

Do you want sex with your wife or husband so often, but your lover doesn’t want to have sex that much. It does happen, they say their best sex experience stop at the day when they get married. They both love each other. But it is miserable for the ones who want sex and even […]

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Top 5 Sex Doll Movies

The definitive guide to learning about the latest TV and movie shows that feature sexy stories are featured.Before the COVID-19 pandemic, the sex dolls have already seen a surge in popularity with more individuals than ever before jumping ship and accepting these adorable animals. Naturally, the COVID-19 COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the adoption rate, encouraging […]

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Quality Adult Sex Doll Go Green on Earth

An eco-friendly life is necessary for everyone. We all want to be in an environment that is protected by a green environment. The introduction of a green environment can help bring positivity into our lives. It is also a wonderful initiative to make our love dolls green. However, they are not living beings, but products […]

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More Sex Positions with Flat Chested Sex Doll

for beginners, you can check Favorite the Sex Doll Positions firstly. side position with sex dollsAmong couples who have come together in the past few weeks or months, and who have already admitted that they have tried every pose possible in the world, the side position is very much in vogue, and what they really […]

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How Does a 100cm Sex Doll Affect Society?

In short, a 100cm sex doll self-pleasers, further development of masturbation. It is a sexual device that reproduces the appearance and performance of a real person in sex and companionship. They are usually life-size, lifelike inverted models with thoroughly emphasized genitalia, including breasts, penis, and vagina, that look like real people. Typically, these Dutchwives are […]