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First Time to Buy 100cm Sex Doll

If you’re a first-time doll buyer, this is a must!
You have to consult with your pocketbook to go to the sex industry, and you’re tired of doing it by hand when you masturbate… Especially when you can’t even go to the sex industry because of the coronavirus, it’s even more difficult to solve your sexual needs. In such a case, I recommend a 100cm sex doll.

In fact, in addition to simple sexual needs, there are also people who are interested in and buy love dolls because of their desire to do things that cannot be done with a real person, people who don’t want to be bothered by their partner, and people who lack self-confidence and worry too much about what others will think of them.

When purchasing such a profound love doll, there are so many different types that some people may not be able to decide which one to choose.

In this article, I would like to write about how to choose a cheap sex doll.

What is a love doll?
A love doll is a doll that has the appearance and texture of a real woman. Some people may associate them with so-called Dutch wives when they are referred to in this way. However, they are more realistic compared to Dutchwives, which are inflated and used. They are made to fit the average size of a woman, so at first glance, they give the illusion of a real woman in the flesh. There are two types of love dolls: those with female genitalia that feel like the real thing, and those with holes where you can attach a masturbator to enjoy pseudo-sex. There are also love dolls with holes that allow you to attach masturbation holes for simulated sex. It is a great advantage to be able to play with a love doll without hesitation, even if a real woman would be reluctant to do so.

100cm sex doll

Realistic touch and feel
Not only does it look like a real woman, but it also feels like a real woman to the touch. Many of them are made of soft and smooth materials, and even if they are a little cold at first, they will gradually warm up with your body heat as you continue to hold them. The weight is also close to that of a woman, so when you hold her in your arms, you will feel a sense of security as if you are really holding a woman.

It has joints.
Currently, available love dolls are equipped with joints that allow them to move freely and can also be fixed. They can be placed in any position, whether on all fours or with the legs spread. This allows you to try various positions. You can enjoy it in the same way as if you were having sex with a woman.

The best thing about these love dolls is that you can easily buy a woman with the face and style you like. In real life, it would be difficult to find a woman with the face and style you want, but with these love dolls, all you have to do is choose your favorite from the store’s sales page. There are various types of love dolls such as foreign style, high school girl style, mature woman with big breasts, etc., so you might be overwhelmed when you buy one. There are differences in price and material depending on the manufacturer, so it’s a good idea to examine them carefully.

  1. Check the source of purchase
    Now that you know what a love doll is, you should be able to understand what it is. If you want to buy such an attractive toy, the next question is where to buy it.

90% of the time, love dolls are purchased through online shopping sites. Some adult toy stores carry them, but they are very few in number and do not have a wide selection. Also, just like any other adult toy, buying a love doll at a physical store is awkward when you have to pay the bill. With mail-order, you don’t have to go looking for a store that may be very far away, and you don’t have to experience the shoulds when you pay the bill. However, although online love doll agencies are a mainstream method of purchasing love dolls, there are some bad stores. When purchasing your first real love doll, you want to choose a love doll that is not only budget-friendly but also of the highest quality and material. In order to do so, we recommend that you buy from an authorized distributor.

So how do you know if it’s an official distributor or not? If they have a license to sell in Japan on their website, you can be sure that they are a reliable source. If the company has a 24-hour call service, you can rest assured that you are buying from a reliable source.

It is also important to have a clear return and refund policy. Malicious distributors often send products that are completely different from the pictures or send products that are originally broken. Of course, they will not list their return and refund policy on their website to avoid customer complaints. With your first purchase of a real love doll, you may have many concerns and concerns, so use the contact service to interact with the staff. A legitimate and reliable buying site can give you the most professional and suitable advice, and TPE sex doll is definitely an authorized distributor you can trust!