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First Time with a Sex Doll: What to Do

Congratulations on receiving your sex doll! Here’s what you can do:


When you receive the doll, the first step is to carefully unpack and inspect her for any damage or imperfections. Make sure everything is in good condition. Once confirmed, you can proceed with the next steps.

Give Her a Warm Bubble Bath

Treat your anime sex doll to a warm bubble bath. This will help clean and refresh her. After the bath, you can dress her up, style her hair, and get excited about embracing her. However, take your time and proceed slowly.

Get Familiar with the Product

Now is the time to familiarize yourself with your new toy. Take some time to study each part and understand how she works. This will enhance your future intimate experiences with her. Test the flexibility of her joints and body parts and explore the pleasure that different positions and angles can bring.

Give Her a Name

When you decide to purchase a tpe sex dolls and consider her your sexual companion, giving her a name will make her feel more personalized and intimate. Choose a name you like and make her a part of your life. You can call her by her name and talk to her, creating a more realistic experience.

Buy Clothes and Dress Her Up

Sex dolls can bring enjoyment not only in sexual activities but also in everyday life. Treat her like a girlfriend by selecting beautiful clothes and dresses for her. Dress her up, take her out for a walk, and deepen your connection with her.

If your budget allows, you can even buy sexy lingerie and nightwear for her, making her alluring even during sleep or intimate moments. Many doll owners purchase various outfits and share photos in doll communities, which can be a fun way of expression and inspiration for other players.

Moreover, if you have a vivid imagination, you can design a personality and story for your sex doll. This way, she becomes more than just a sex toy but a lively and lovable sexual partner in your mind. It requires strong empathy, but it can bring a more immersive and authentic experience. Ultimately, a realistic silicone dolls can become an important part of your life, depending on the imagination and passion you invest in her.

Care and Maintenance

When you receive a new sex doll, it’s important to care for her just like you would for a real person. Clean and maintain your doll regularly. After each use, clean her intimate areas with warm water and mild soap. Regularly lubricate and protect her skin. Repair any damages promptly to prolong her lifespan and keep her in optimal condition.
Remember, a sex doll is not a disposable item but a long-term sexual companion. Therefore, it’s essential to be responsible, loving, and attentive to her from the beginning. This way, you can truly have a perfect sexual partner of your own. Enjoy yourself!

First Experience

Once everything is prepared, it’s time for an exciting night with your new sex doll. Explore her body parts slowly, find the erogenous zones that stimulate both you and her. Don’t rush to penetrate; instead, let desire and passion build up. Unlike human intimacy, sexual activities with a doll can fully meet your desires and expectations. So, let yourself go, savor the pleasure of making love to the doll, and immerse yourself in this novel and thrilling experience.