Hydoll Store – 122cm Height Sex Doll Series

Here awaits a series of 122cm height sex dolls for your selection. Whether you’re seeking a cute companion or a beautiful collectible, our array of captivating dolls is sure to meet your needs.

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Adorable Appearance:

Not only do our dolls boast adorable appearances, they are also exquisite pieces of art. Every inch of their features has been meticulously designed, with eyes shining as if with life, and smiles exuding charming allure. These 122cm height sex dolls are so lifelike that one can’t help but wonder if they’ll someday become sentient beings.

Exquisite Clothing:

The clothing adorning them is carefully selected artwork. Whether it’s casual wear for everyday or elegant attire for special occasions, each garment adds more charm and personality to the dolls. Vibrant fabrics and intricate details showcase the designer’s exceptional craftsmanship.

Premium Materials:

Notre 122cm poupées sexuelles are crafted from high-quality materials, and we spare no effort in selecting the finest materials for their production. The materials we use are safe and non-toxic, ensuring the health and safety of every customer. Les poupées’ hair is soft and smooth, providing a comfortable feel that allows you to fully enjoy the playtime experience, reminiscent of embracing a soft and warm childhood memory.

If you prefer flat-chested sex dolls, you’ll find even more options here with our 122cm sex doll collection.

Précautions de sécurité:

  • Do not expose the sex doll to sunlight for extended periods to prevent damage to the material and color.
  • Lors du nettoyage, use dedicated cleaning agents and a soft-bristled brush, and avoid using alcohol-based or corrosive cleaners to prevent damage.
  • Pendant l'utilisation, be careful to avoid sharp objects that may cause scratches or damage to the sex doll.