The Hydoll store’s 145cm sex doll.

The height of the sex dolls here is all 145cm. Whether you like small-breasted or flat-breasted sex dolls, or are interested in large-breasted and full-figured ones, you can pick your favorite choice in this series. We are committed to providing the best quality sex dolls, and also offer custom services.

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The 145cm sex doll is a small version of the realistic female body with full breasts. Their lively and mischievous breasts and buttocks make them as sexy and charming as adult ladies even though they are petite. It is not only light, but also easy to store and move, and the key is that the price is very affordable. This feature makes it particularly suitable for beginners or those who are exposed to dolls for the first time.

The sweet and lovely face and tight butt of the 145cm sex doll

The 145cm tall cute sex doll is sweet, lovely, and kind, and is the fantasy girl that every man desires. Many men will yearn for it, and when they meet outside or coincidentally in the city, their eyes will be hard to move away from her. Having a cute sex doll, as long as you are willing, this kind of yearning can become a reality. Our cute sex dolls are made of top-quality TPE or silicone. They are practical and also offer a variety of upgrades and options to allow them to present the perfect look you expect. Her appearance is extremely realistic, with everything that a real girl has, and is ready and excited to show it. You can also choose Japanese sex dolls. The ultra-realistic cute doll can’t wait for you to take her home and teach her the things she has been dreaming of.

With that sweet and innocent charming face. Her beautiful and lively breasts can perfectly fit with your palm, and her soft, plump red lips like long and passionate kisses and other actions. She was slim when she was young, and had charming curves in all the right places. You can hold her tightly all night. With that sweet and lovely face, you will definitely be in love with every minute you spend with her and appreciate the endless pleasure her body can bring you. When she leans against the table, her tight butt looks very charming, and her cute and sweet eyes will long for more.