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Girlfriend and sexdoll

What is the definition of girlfriend? There is a very special existence in the circle of physical dolls, which has been pressed by doll friends. The real-life inverted model physical dolls are so realistic, do you still need a girlfriend? In fact, it has nothing to do with the doll whether to fall in love, get married or not. Now maybe it is because the doll is realistic, and it is good to have the company of the doll. Maybe in a few years, I suddenly realize that I still want to get along with people. , I long for a real girlfriend. When you find a girlfriend, you want to take good care of her, and have the courage to take responsibility and spend a lifetime with her. This is not good. It can only be said that it depends on the individual.

Of course, it does not rule out that you always enjoy being wih the doll. If the company that the doll gives you may be what you have always wanted, then don’t have so many worries, just follow your heart and just enjoy it. Everyone’s feelings and choices about physical dolls are different. It is up to you whether you need them or not. At the same time, the physical doll is a real existence, whether you accept it or not, she exists. The physical dolls focus on “reality-level casting” products. The head carvings use wax-like heads, plus four layers of coating, creating dolls that look like real people. These are all physical dolls. According to reports, physical dolls In the future, different types of dolls will be produced to meet the needs of the market, but the same thing is that these dolls are real-life dolls.

In the future, physical dolls will also develop in the direction of intelligent simulation dolls. You can imagine what it will be like in the future when real-life inverted physical dolls are combined with artificial intelligence. They can communicate smoothly with people and help people do some work. A good helper, maybe at that time it was really a perfect companion. Although the current physical doll is not intelligent, it is indeed realistic, and it is considered to be of a very high level among its peers, and it is different from other dolls, so can it emotionally replace the real person? Does its existence have any effect on intimacy in reality? Although a doll cannot replace a real person, it can repair some emotional deficiencies and meet the inner needs of some people. We all know that dolls are lifeless, and there is no way to respond to people in a certain way. Most of the emotional feedback obtained from dolls is better. Most of them are imagined by the dolls themselves. The premise is that the doll can stimulate the imagination of the dolls. This is the key. This is why everyone likes real and good-looking dolls.

A doll that exists only to satisfy the sexual desire of a doll can never give users such feelings. The real-life inverted model entity doll entity doll can satisfy the user’s simple and real beautiful fantasy, and give the user a real and beautiful company. In this way, the doll is not the key point that affects your life, only you can dominate your own life, only you can handle all your feelings, the doll is just a companion role, do you need it? It’s all here, the physical doll is realistic, you can have it, and you can have a girlfriend too.