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Girlfriend stories with sex dolls

Alexander Stokes is a 37-year-old American man who fell in love with a life-size synthetic TPE sex doll called cliy. Stokes and cliy have been dating for two years, during which Mimi has accompanied him so that he does not feel lonely.

Stokes is a comic book writer, novelist, artificial intelligence enthusiast and voice actor. Due to the nature of his work, his social skills are not very strong and he rarely attends events with friends. He says that having a love doll feels like having an ordinary girlfriend. He even believes that people have many prejudices and stereotypes about him dating dolls. Due to his relationship with the doll, he feels more lonely than before, but he does not care and claims that his relationship is healthy.

Stokes met cliy on an online store HYDOLL.COM and customize her. cliy cannot walk but has a human-like body and a movable mechanical head with long brown hair and hazel eyes. Although cliy cannot speak, Stokes does not think this will prevent them from having a meaningful relationship. He will take Mimi out for dinner, picnic in the park, and even travel. On special occasions like Christmas and birthdays, Stokes will give Mimi gifts and cards to express his love.

Some people do not understand Stokes’ attraction to Mimi and think his relationship with an inanimate object is very strange. However, supporters believe that as long as this relationship makes him happy and does not harm others, people should be open-minded and accepting. For Stokes, Mimi is the ideal life partner and will always accompany him. Although not everyone agrees with his views, he continues to live happily with his sex doll girlfriend Mimi.

Stokes believes that one day relationships between humans and humanoid robots or cheap sex doll  will become more common. He hopes that society can adopt a more open and inclusive attitude towards this. Stokes’ story shows us that love can appear in various forms and is not limited to between humans.

While some may find Stokes and cliy’s relationship strange, the fact is that sex dolls are increasingly being seen by more people as a mainstream partner choice. Compared to a relationship with a real person, a relationship with a doll also has unique benefits. realistic silicone dolls will not betray or abandon you, they always look beautiful and sexy. Research has also shown that intimate contact with dolls can relieve loneliness and social anxiety, and provide satisfaction for some. as long as this relationship is established on a voluntary basis between both parties and does not harm anyone, we should take a non-judgemental attitude. Everyone has the right to decide what kind of relationship is right for them.