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Gonzo: A man Marries a Sexy Doll

We all know marriage is the best way to end a woman and man’s love story. But today, I am going to share a world anecdote about a man who was married to a sex doll. You may have heard of this interesting idea. may

This doll could be a real person, but it may not. A doll that is lifelike might change how the owners see technology. Technology will become less relevant.

Melody Gilbert, a filmmaker, interviewed people who had romantic and unexpected relationships with life dolls in her documentary “Silicone Soul”. John, a Chicagoan aged 54, spent $7,000 on Jackie. He knew instinctively that the doll wasn’t real. Women are not dolls, but they exist in the middle. This documentary records the lives of doll-lovers and others who want to be free from romance or sex, including female sex doll photographers and friends.

Detroit man “Davecat” said that he was married to Sidore but had a passionate love affair with Elena, another silicone doll. He believes he is a pioneer of “synthetic love” and that he will “self-pick”, by dating “organic” women.

She said to the patient, “Initially, I don’t know.” “In the beginning my patient was telling her me that he was in a great relationship. He had been in two unsuccessful marriages and now he has found love.

It’s funny how a man refers to a woman as a “doll”. At first, he uses it. I thought, “Okay, she’s his doll.” Then I realized. I looked at him and asked, “Does this mean a doll?” He replied, “Yes, yes.”

“I must go through many complex emotions. “You know, I’m a feminist. And suddenly, this man said to me that he had the best relationship with a woman if he used a doll. All these ideas about objectifying women.

At first I thought that men were social. They are often lonely and feel isolated. I also believe that they may have problems in relationships. However, over time I discovered that some men are married and others are related. They also have doll relationships in addition to their interpersonal relationships.

John was previously married, and his stepchildren had warned him about the dolls’ existence. He stated that he had been married for eight years to a flesh-and blood person, but failed… Jackie and I are now very happy. This is very odd, but it is very weird. Strange does not always mean bad things. Real dolls don’t cheat. “They don’t lie. They don’t steal… they make me honest. She makes me smile. I tried to learn Zen from [her]. She is calmer, more collected, and mature than I am.

“Sex doll ownership is often portrayed as a sinful act. Many sex doll owners are marginalized members of the community. Because of fear of being judged, persecuted, or psychiatric labeling, many people want to keep their identities private. It is difficult to reach out to them because they don’t know anyone. Sex Doll brothels can also be mistakenly called “sexual robot brothels”, even though most people don’t have this artificial intelligence.

The behavior tests that are used to determine whether a person is faithful or not may be applied to sexual dolls.

Yes, sex toys have been a great substitute for real people. It could be your girlfriend, wife, friend, or child. A doll can be a great way to find companionship if you are lonely. Although it is uncommon to marry a doll that is sexy, it is not unusual.