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Unpack and Assemble A Realistic Sex Doll

In order to transport and protect our BBW sex doll, most sex dolls are shipped individually. This requires the customer to assemble the doll. Our sex dolls are usually separated from the head and body.


Unpack and Assemble A Realistic Sex Doll

What a Excitement!
When you first get your realistic sex doll, You must take care of it. I bet you want a perfect one, right? So let’s see how to unbox a sex doll properly.
Here are the steps as following:

Step 1: Carefully transport the package to a wild room.

Many people are surprised at the weight of the packaging when they first receive a sex doll. Most full-size love dolls weigh between 50 and 70 pounds, plus the weight of all the packaging! When your fully packaged real doll arrives, maybe she will weigh up to 80 pounds.
If you are disabled or elderly, you should be prepared for how you will move this package. You may need a close friend or a delivery guy to help you out.
A wild room is a good place to unpack your sex doll, as you will need to lay her flat on the group next to the box.

Step 2: Use a paper cutter, knife, etc. to open the package along the seams.

Once the package is placed, you can cut the tape along the top edge of the box. Be careful not to cut too deep in order to avoid hurt your sex doll torso. The minute you cut the packing tape along the seam, the box will open up like a coffin.

Step 3: Wash your hands

Now your new sex doll is ready to be taken out of her box, you don’t want to leave stains on your doll with your dirty hands. So you need to wash gloves thoroughly before touching sex doll.
get dirty or leave traces of her smooth skin with dirty hands! Wash gloves thoroughly before touching sex dolls.

Step 4: get the head of your new sex doll out

On the upper part of your sex doll will be a round packing foam ball, which is the head of your new sex doll. Carefully remove the bubble wrap and remove the head from the bag. Place the head of the sex doll on the floor next to the box. Once you take the body out, you will return to it later. You can save the bag to store the head.

Step 5: Remove other accessories from the box

Usually, the package will include accessories such as clothes, cleaning tools and etc. Remove all these items from the box and set aside.

Step 6: Use scissors to get rid of the foam. It is very important to be careful in this part.

Step 7: Use a blanket or a towel to take the doll out of the box

Wrap the doll with a blanket or a towel, take her out of the box, and gently place gay sex doll on the floor next to you.

Step 8: Put on a head and a wig for your new sex doll

Congratulations! Now you can enjoy your amazing love doll.

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Why are realistic sex dolls so popular?

There are many kinds of sex dolls, but if the most popular one, it must be Realistic Sex Dolls. Why did you say that? Because based on my 7 years of industry experience, Realistic Sex Dolls have been sold a lot, and it is also one of the most frequently asked questions. Below, I will give you a detailed introduction to realistic dolls.

    The biggest advantage of Realistic Sex        Doll

       Look, this picture, if you don’t look carefully, you can’t tell if this is a              picture of a sex doll or a picture of a human being.

        This is the biggest advantage of Realistic Sex Doll. When you have            her, it is as if there is a real person with you, and the various                          positions  of this person, such as height, chest shape, vagina, hair,              eyes, can become your best What you want, what a good                              thing,Most  importantly, she will not annoy you, will not refuse all                  your requests, will not make you feel lonely.

       Do you want someone like this to be by your side? 

       I have to say I want

You can put her in the clothes you like and let her stay at home, oh my goodness, this is really great, unimaginable perfection.

When you come home after a long day of work, she will sit by the bed and wait for you. You can release your desires in her to your heart’s content, and then go to bed comfortably.

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In the journey of life, I have positioned the development history of sex dolls as one of the most exciting things I have seen. In the past, sex dolls were similar to balloons, which could be inflated and deflated at will.

Don’t get me wrong-these works are amazing because this thing is discreet and you can hide them in the closet as soon as you are done. However, this means that the doll is not beautiful or close to real objects.

At that time, sex dolls still had design flaws and were not accepted by people in society. Although we did not even get 100% social recognition in 2019, as more and more people begin to accept this idea, we are making progress.

Initially, not only were they unheard of, it was also a taboo to talk about them in public. This highlights the importance of heroes like howard Stern, the radio host, who, in the embarrassment surrounding the subject, ordered a life-size sex doll and broadcasted it live. His actions caused a global debate, and the result was a surge in sex doll sales around the world.

And away from the harsh criticism, we can all agree that sex dolls are a game changer and the reason why a great percentage of the population still has a smile on their faces. In fact, many people don’t use their sex dolls to complement their relationships but rather as life-long partners. To them, sex dolls are way better than women and have vowed to remain unshaken by the conflicting popular belief.

Unlike a few decades ago, there are numerous sex dolls now available on the market, all of which are designed differently to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. They are available in varying shapes and sizes, which allows you to choose the one you want, and most sex doll sellers will allow you to customize yours based on your specific needs. So, with the availability, dynamism, flexibility, and unmatched submissiveness, it’s not hard to understand why people are going nuts for these precious sex dolls.

And while there are a million and one motivators, here are 6 reasons why you need to buy a cheap sex doll;


Introducing a sex doll in the relationship is a sensitive affair that will require both partners to have a discussion beforehand, set the parameters, and clearly define its role in the relationship. And with the numerous options available on the market, you can get one and use it to promote extra pleasure during sex. In fact, research conducted in 2016 at Chapman University found that couples who used sex dolls felt closer and satisfied with the sex.

Threesomes are one of the most discussed sexual fantasies among partners, and a sure way to explore the grey area. However, the emotional risks and repercussions associated with the fantasy usually outweigh the benefits. Sex dolls come in to provide a safe third wheel, with zero chances of getting attached because they lack the human aspect. So, why not buy a sex doll and use it to spice up your sex life by bridging the personal barriers with your partner? Trust me. It’s worth it!

Remember, introducing a sex doll in a relationship is a sensitive issue, and it’s important to stay on track. Stay true to the motivation which is to improve the sex life with your partner and which should never be overruled by giving undue prominence to the doll. Don’t shift the attention and only use the sex doll as a compliment. Consequently, evaluate whether the doll is playing its role and feel free to tuck it away if it’s outlived its usefulness in the relationship.


Loneliness and depression are menaces facing a great percentage of the population, and that predisposes us to a thread of long-term health issues like diabetes and heart diseases. According to research conducted in May 2018, about 54% of the population (most of whom are youths) feels that no one cares about their existence. Loneliness and depression can be offset by many things that happen in our day-to-day lives, and with the adverse effects of living a lonely life, there nothing better than providing a long-term solution. Right?

Sex dolls provide you a partner to share your lowest moments in life when no one seems to be paying attention. Normally, loneliness pushes you away from people, and having a life-size mini sex doll by your side can help you feel loved and included. Unlike your friends, the sex doll will listen, will never judge you, and most importantly, will always offer you a safe space to pour your heart out.

Sex doll owners admit to finding it easy to confine with their dolls with most of them having helped their owners overcome some of their worst moments in life. So, don’t alienate yourself anymore- get yourself a lifelike sex doll as you acclimatize and fight depression.


Sex dolls offer you a platform to learn how to tackle your fears with women without the fear of failing or being judged. Whether it’s a self-esteem concern or sexual techniques that you’ve always wanted to try with your partner, there’s always something to learn.

Unlike a few decades ago, sex dolls now come fully articulated with a steel skeleton and movable joints to enhance their flexibility and allow you to enjoy numerous sex positions seamlessly. This way, you can experiment with techniques that are considered hard and challenging so that you come out on top the next time you’re with your partner.

Just like we train hard to get better at any sport, why not train to finesse our capacity in bed? A life-size, realistic sex doll can help remedy common concerns like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. How? You must be asking. Well, by offering a safe ground without the pressure to stay in the game, a sex doll helps to train your stamina and regulate the system to last longer in bed. In addition, a sex doll can be used by people who wish to satisfy certain sexual fantasies, but their partner is unable to because of sickness or pregnancy.


Just like we have different wants and preferences, people possess varying sex fetishes, one of which is doll fetish. Whether it’s the desire to have sexual contact with a sex doll or see your partner having sex, the attraction is real and very upright. For instance, my ex had an attraction of seeing me having sex with a doll- it was some form of foreplay for us.

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, a sex doll allows you to satisfy your sex doll fetish without involving someone else or complicating the experience. We all have different fantasies, and whether yours is to have sex with a big ass woman, a flat-chested model, or Japanese women with a different heritage to yours, all this can be a reality as there’s a wide variety of sex dolls on the market to meet your wildest fantasies.

So, why not? Using a sex doll to explore your fantasies is convenient and much safer than doing it with a real person.


Sex dolls are the most submissive partners you’ll ever come around- no nagging, no questions about your whereabouts, no worries about them cheating on you, and so much more. They are built to satisfy your needs without fail; something you can’t bet on with women. And most importantly, you get to choose what you want your sex doll to possess and what you don’t. Isn’t that amazing?

Imagine coming home to an ever-smiling woman, who’s always glowing and ready to pleasure you at all times. She waits for you eagerly to come home with nothing but a loose drape- and never is she moody and all in her feelings. Fellas? Nothing beats the thought of coming home to this amazing superwoman. And with all the expectations and conformations you have to keep up within a human relationship- this is the way to go.

A sex doll doesn’t care about your whereabouts, why you’re spending too much time with the boys, and you won’t have to keep up with alimony, child support, and other insane costs that come with marriage.

What are you waiting for? Welcome to the good life!


Whether you’re single or in a relationship, these are the two most feared things about your sex life. And as we discussed earlier, the repercussions involved with threesomes and other fantasies among couples include contracting disease and getting pregnant. Having a raunchy threesome without the worry of getting an STI or what might happen in the next 9 months is quite a relief.

Most people, especially the youth, are either afraid of contracting a disease or getting a baby. Luckily, both fears are taken care of by sex dolls and you’ll have a chance to enjoy great sex with 0% chances of pregnancy/STI’s.

To sum it up, there are numerous reasons why you should have a sex doll. And now that we’re not living in the dark days anymore, and we’re finally having these conversations, this is the best time to explore your sex life, fight loneliness, and satisfy your sex doll fetish, in a safe environment. Check out our wide selection of sex dolls and get yourself one to start off this incredible journey.

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You Need to Know About Sex Dolls

Regardless of whether you have bought a sex doll, or you are planning to buy a cheap sex doll, you may be looking for all the information about sex dolls everywhere to provide a reference for your purchase decision.Being a sex doll owner is definitely a big decision. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you know all the necessary information that you need before you buy one. This includes choosing, owning, and maintaining your sex doll. Fortunately, this guide will help you introduce yourself to the amazing world of sex dolls.

black sex doll 150cm

By any means, love dolls or sex doll owners are not an exclusive group. Instead, there are individuals who are open-minded about doll intimacy, ownership, and relationship. 

Contrary to what the society is portraying sex dolls to be, there is nothing shady or shameful about having sex with a doll. It is important to note that your sexual preferences do not need to be broadcast publicly. More importantly, sexual preference does not have to be validated by anyone but yourself. 

Some me, women, and even couples choose to become sex doll owners due to genuine curiosity. Most of them also have a sex drive higher than the average. Moreover, some people buy sex dolls due to fetish predilection.

With all that said, sex doll ownership is something unique, which is one of the many reasons why people choose to buy one.

Below is everything you need to know about sex dolls:

Who Owns Sex Dolls

Most people think that only men buy and own sex dolls. However, the reality is these ultra-realistic dolls are meant for everyone who has an interest in them. 

In addition, dolls are available in all types, genders, and styles that would fit your preferences. So, drop the misconception that sex dolls are made only to satisfy the pleasure of men. The truth is there are also sex dolls that are made in with male build. Such dolls are specifically for women who are curious about the benefits of sex, gratification, and pleasure.


When choosing the sex doll that you are going to buy, you need to learn about the materials that are used in building them. In addition, you also need to be aware of the production process of the sex doll manufacturer where you are getting your doll from. 

Knowing the materials used for the sex doll that you are eyeing to buy would help you know the proper care that you need to do in the long run. 

Owning A Sex Doll

There is no doubt that there are a lot of beautiful and amazing sex dolls in the market. In fact, most of the dolls now look so realistic. For this reason, you will sometimes need some guidance with regards to finding the perfect sex doll for you. You will also need guidance as to how you need to take care of your doll once you have already bought it. 

It is worth noting that care, storage, and maintenance are the most important factors to consider if you want to make sure that your doll will keep its structural integrity for a long time. 

Men Who Own Sex Dolls

Some men who are planning to buy sex dolls think twice because they are afraid of being labeled as a pervert. In addition, society has always stereotyped sex doll owners as men who have dirty minds. 

However, the reality is that men who own sex dolls are far from being perverts. Instead, most of them are just curious or had their curiosity awakened after exploring what they could use as alternatives to masturbation. Some men began their sexual exploration by buying an anatomically correct partial body masturbator, or a handheld cylindrical stroker. On the other hand, there are men who are looking for a sexual experience that is as close as possible to having sex with a real human. For these men, only a state-of-the-art sex doll could provide them the satisfaction that they are looking for.

Female Ownership

True enough, the male species dominate 100cm sex doll ownership. But that does not mean that women cannot buy and own sex dolls. Women who are in touch with their sexual desires and sexuality often opt for discreet sex toys such as dildos and vibrators. There are also women who are no longer satisfied with their partners. For this reason, they tend to look for something that could bring them the sexual gratification that they are looking for.

Open-minded women are now leading the way forward into the sexual empowerment of their own gender. Women like these are more than willing to embrace the idea of intimacy through the use of hyper-realistic male sex dolls. 

Couples Who Own Sex Dolls

Many couples– in every possible variable– are now open to experimenting inside their bedroom. Most of them enjoy more sexual benefits than single individuals. Those couples, whose both partners are willing to engage in a threesome often do so by playing with a sex doll.

In addition, sex dolls can help address the issue of sexual imbalance within a relationship. It can also bring mutual benefits to a couple. For instance, when a partner with a lower sex drive allows his or her lover to enjoy playing with a sex doll, their intimate relationship could go much deeper than it already is.

Renting A Sex Doll

Unfortunately, there are people who are open to having a sex doll but cannot buy their own. But the good thing is there are now sex doll brothels that offer a different kind of sexual service for men who want to try having sex with a sex doll. 

Apart from those men who want to try sex dolls but cannot buy their own, renting a doll is also a great idea for men who face restrictions in exploring their sexual interests at home. Such an alternative brings them instant access to the world of sexual fantasy, without fearing that they might be judged by the people around them.

big ass love doll
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How to care for your Silicone Dolls

Proper care of your dolls is an extremely important part of silicone sex doll ownership.  By keeping your girl clean and undamaged you’ll keep yourself and your doll healthy, and you’ll extend her lifespan by years! Below is our guide to keeping your silicone dolls in top condition.

As you know, under normal circumstances, sex dolls have two materials, TPE and Silicone. The material is different, and the maintenance of the doll is also different. Here we mainly explain the maintenance of silicone dolls. If you want to know the maintenance of tpe dolls, please Refer to this blog The TPE Doll Maintenance

You will need:

The First Day is very important

  • On arrival, please inspect your silicone sex doll to see if she arrived safely with no damage to the package or to her head & body.
  • Once the inspection is done, please wash your silicone girl to remove the production residue.

Washing your Silicone Sex Doll that has Smooth, R+S or RRS effects

  • When washing your girl, do not use soap on her skin. Soap would decrease the longevity of the realistic effects. To clean her, please use warm water & a microfiber cloth and gently rub whole of her body down.
  • Keep an eye on her skin and the microfiber cloth to make sure the color is not rubbing off. Repeat the process several times or until you feel that her skin is clean.
  • If there is dirt that does not want to wash off with only water, you can use a bit of mild soap, however try to use it very sparingly.
  • During cleaning process, wash the microfiber cloth in the sink often, using soap and water, to rinse out the production residue that has accumulated in the microfiber cloth.
silicone sex dolls

General washing tips:

  • When cleaning, it’s is not needed to carry her to the bathroom. Place one thick or few thinner blankets on the floor to absorb the water, and lay her on top of the blankets when cleaning.
  • Don’t allow water to get to her neck screw or to her standing feet bolts (if she has them). Water can make these metal parts start to rust!
  • Don’t submerge your doll underwater!
  • Only dolls without metal bolts on her feet can take a shower, however, make sure not to allow any water to go on her head or her neck seam.
  • Do not build water pressure in any of her orifices as this might damage them.
  • Avoid washing areas like eyebrows, areolas and her face as washing those areas would decrease the make-up’s color longevity.

Silicone Skin care

  • Silicone requires less maintenance compared to TPE and does not require regular oil treatment.
  • After washing her, the skin of your doll might get sticky to the touch. To avoid this, use a large “powder make-up brush” to powder her skin with Baby Powder/Corn starch or Cornflour.
  • Note: Even when owning a silicone doll, it is normal to see oil leakage on the doll’s skin after a longer time of storage.

Stain prevention & removal

  • Be careful of different materials containing dyes, inks as they can transfer color to the skin of your love doll. Avoid things like: newspapers, dark-colored or leather materials and surfaces (leather couches, leather wheelchairs) or other materials that contain oil-soluble pigments.
  • It is very important to always pre-wash new clothing before putting them on your doll to avoid staining the silicone. Black tight clothing is especially staining and should be left on a girl very cautiously.
  • When clothing her with new clothes for the first time, periodically check for staining marks. If the clothing stains, remove it and wash it in the washing machine on a higher temperature cycle to remove the dyes.
  • Silicone has a natural ability to absorb dyes and fade them. If your doll got stained, allow some time to pass for the dyes to fade and in a few weeks the discoloration should disappear on it’s own.

Silicone Vagina, Oral and Anal care

  • Your sex doll’s orifices should be cleaned thoroughly after every use in the bedroom, shower or bath using mild antimicrobial soap.
  • Sino factory recommends using “Dettol Antiseptic Liquid” soap to clean and disinfect her orifices. A link is present at the top of this guide which links to Dettol soap found on
  • To clean a doll’s mouth, it is recommended to take the head off the doll off and carry the head to the shower. Then, take the shower head off and using the concentrated current to rinse the inside of her mouth.
  • Once her mouth is rinsed, soap up your pointer finger and your middle finger and put both of them inside her mouth and try to reach as far as is safely possible to soap up all of her oral cavity. Once that is done, rinse her mouth again and repeat the procedure if needed.

Silicone Love Dolls Drying Tips:

  • When drying your doll, try to avoid rubbing her with a towel, especially if she has hyperrealism painting or smooth matte effect. A good technique would be to pat her with a towel until she’s dry.
  • Make sure to dry the doll’s orifices completely to avoid humidity.
  • To dry her orifices off, we recommend to use the paper towel technique: Fold several pieces of paper towels into a cylindrical or long rectangular shape and place the paper towels in all of her orifices that are wet. Allow several minutes for the paper towels to absorb the humidity.
  • After a few minutes have passed, replace the paper towels with new dry ones and repeat the procedure. Usually, doing this twice is enough to dry off the orifices of the doll. However, just to be safe, do a third round of paper towels and leave them inside of her orifices only to be removed before intercourse.
  • When using paper towel technique, it is recommended to keep the doll in a standing position so that the gravity pulls water down so that the paper towels can absorb it.
  • Be very careful to avoid her falling down. To be safe, stand her up in a corner of the room, with her back leaning to the corner.
  • Other alternatives to paper towels are tampons. Simply place a tampon inside of the wet orifice and allow it to absorb the moisture. Repeat twice or until the tampons that are removed are no longer wet.
tpe love dolls

   Silicone posing & storage

  • Do not leave your doll posing while you are away, as the stress placed on the Silicone, after a longer time, may cause tearing. If you’re not using her, return her back to a neutral position, with her arms down her sides, her legs closed and her body straight.
  • It is safe to leave a sex doll standing however, pose her so that she leans onto a wall (a corner of a room works great) so that she does not risk falling down.
  • If your doll has standing feet and is standing, make sure the bottom of the feet fully touches the ground (not just the heel or just the ball of her foot).
  • Silicone is soft and may be subject to flattening and creasing if left sitting or laying in one position on a hard surface for a long time. Make sure the doll is laying or sitting on a soft surface (the softer the better) to avoid flattening and creasing. Another solution is to hang her up using a closet bar hook or suspension kit.
  • Never drag a doll by her hands or feet. Always use a “bear hug” or “arms carry” technique to safely move your doll around.
  • Keep her out of direct sunlight.

 Final Tips:

  • Protect her eyelashes. They are very delicate and can come off. If they come off, it’s safe to use regular super glue to carefully glue them back on.
  • Please do not apply excessive force to her hands and fingers. Especially, please make sure excessive force doesn’t get applied to the areas where her hands meet her thumbs.
  • If a particular limb is stiffer than the others, please flex the stiff joint as much as it is needed to loosen it up to the level of others joints.
  • Don’t use alcohol or products that have alcohol as an ingredient (perfume usually has it). Instead, go for alcohol free alternatives.
  • Only use recommended products to take care of your doll to avoid damaging her.

We hope you found this information useful and we wish you and your doll to have a relationship that is going to last forever!

If you have any additional questions or suggestions on how we can improve this guide, please contact us at or message us using the live chat widget on the bottom right of the website.

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The TPE Doll Maintenance

HYDOLL as a popular website for sell sex dolls. We often hear buyers ask questions about how to take care of my sex doll. According to the different materials of TPE and silicone, HYDOLL will elaborate on how to maintain your sex doll.

The instructions below only work for dolls made from TPE material (not silicone). If you have a TPE sex doll with a Silicone head, the tips below apply only to the maintenance of her TPE body.

You will need:

    The First Day is very important

    Wash her using Soap & Water mixture to completely remove the production residue. The production residue, if not washed away, can, overtime, make the skin of the doll gradually turn black.

    Use microfiber cloths to apply soap and water and rub her very gently to remove residue (don’t be rough!). Repeat the procedure 5-6 times to make sure production residue is completely cleaned off.

    It’s is not needed to carry her to the bathroom. Place one thick or few thinner blankets on the floor to absorb the water, and lay her on top of the blankets when cleaning.

    Once she is washed, apply baby oil to the whole of her body and allow it to absorb overnight. The next day, if she feels sticky, powder all of her with baby powder and the preemptive cleaning of her is done.

    If your doll has hyper-realism painting, she is washed beforehand. Skip washing her with soap & water as that would wash her hyper-realism painting off.


      TPE Skin care

      Apply Nivea Body Lotion weekly to the delicate areas of your doll (elbows, knees, armpits, pubic area). Allow the cream to absorb for 6 hours.

      To restore the doll’s skin to a brand new condition, we recommend monthly baby-oil or Vaseline treatment. Treatment: Cover the whole body with baby-oil and allow it to absorb for 30-60 minutes (if using Vaseline, let it absorb over night). This will rejuvenate her skin and natural oils that are found in TPE.

      After some time, the skin of your real doll might get sticky to the touch. To avoid this, use a large “powder make-up brush” to powder her skin a little bit with Baby Powder/corn starch or cornflour.

      real love dolls

         Stain Removal

        Black staining that is appearing on the doll gradually and which is not caused by clothing may be caused by the production residue. Please make sure to wash her thoroughly using soap & water once she arrives to her new home. (wash her several times just to be safe!) 

        Be careful of different materials containing dyes, inks because they can transfer color to the skin of your doll. Avoid things like: newspapers, dark-colored or leather materials containing oil-soluble pigments.

        Always pre-wash new clothing before putting them on your doll to avoid staining. Unwashed black clothing can stain the doll even if left on for less than 5 minutes!

        Black clothing might stain even after throwing them into a washing machine. After washing the black clothes and putting them on the girl, please regularly check if the clothing, when put on her, is staining her or not.

        If the girl got stained, please remove the cause of the staining as soon as possible. TPE has a natural ability to fade the stains away overtime until they completely disappear.

        If the staining is really bad, please use an acne cream but make sure it contains contains Benzoyl Peroxide.  Simply apply the cream and leave it on for around 60 minutes. After the time has passed, wipe the troubled areas down and check if the stains got removed. Lightly stained areas should be fixed immediately, however, heavily stained areas might require to perform the procedure again.

        6ye sex real dolls

        Bathing your Sex Doll

        Bathing your doll is important. Here are some quick tips on how to do it and when:

        For the first cleaning operation, a good way to clean her is with microfiber cloth together with soap and water.

        For further washes, soap and water cleaning can be replaced by baby oil. Even though, baby oil is used as rejuvenator, it is also a very good TPE cleaner. Use microfiber cloth to apply baby oil and rub her very gently to remove residue and dirt. (again, don’t be rough!)

        Don’t submerge your dolls underwater!

        Only dolls with non-standing feet can take a shower, however, make sure not to allow any water to go on her head or her neck seam.

        Do not build water pressure in any of her orifices as this might damage them.

        sexy real dolls


        Always use a water based lubricant before having intercourse. This not only makes the act more fun but also prevents the doll’s skin from sticking and tearing.


          TPE really likes Vaseline (100% Pure Petroleum Jelly). Vaseline replenishes the natural oils that are found inside of the TPE and protects it from tearing by making the TPE regain elasticity.

          Delicate areas like joints, particularly – armpits or areas where thumbs and hands meet would also benefit greatly from regular Vaseline treatment.

          Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

          TPE Vagina, Oral and Anal Care

          • Weekly application of Vaseline to the vagina, mouth and anus is recommended.
          • Vaseline fights mold by repelling moisture. It also makes the orifices easier to clean and faster to completely dry out. Apply Vaseline inside all the orifices and let it absorb overnight.
          • Your sex doll’s orifices should be cleaned thoroughly after every use in the bedroom, shower or bath using a mild antimicrobial soap.

          Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

            TPE Dolls Drying Tips:

            When drying your doll, try to avoid rubbing her with a towel. A good technique would be to pat her with the towel until she’s dry.

            Don’t use a hair dryer or any other strong heat source to dry off your doll, because the immense heat may melt the TPE material.

            Make sure to dry the doll’s orifices completely to avoid humidity. A great way to do this would be lay the doll on her back, spread her legs, so that the vagina spreads as well (missionary position), and place a small ventilator fan that blows into her wet orifices to dry them out.

             Final Tips:

              Protect her eyelashes. They are very delicate and can come off. If they come off, it’s safe to use regular super glue to carefully glue them back on.

              Please do not apply excessive force to her hands and fingers. Especially, please make sure excessive force doesn’t get applied to the areas where her hands meet her thumbs.

              If a particular limb is stiffer than the others, please flex the stiff joint as much as it is needed to loosen it up to the level of others joints.

              Don’t use alcohol or products that have alcohol as an ingredient (perfume usually has it). Instead, go for alcohol free alternatives.

              Only use recommended products to take care of your doll to avoid damaging her.


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              fat sex dollsCategoriesGuidance categorized News Others

              How Chinese New Year Will Affect Your Sex Doll Order

              As you may know, nearly all sex dolls are manufactured in China. This includes well-known brands like WM DollsPiper Doll6YE DollIrontechdoll, etc. All businesses that work with Chinese manufacturers know about the up-coming Chinese New Year (CNY) factory shutdowns, and have to plan ahead. If you have been procrastinating in getting a doll, you may be out of luck until March 2021.

              In short, Chinese New Year is the biggest national holiday in China. During this time, all Chinese factories and businesses are shut down for a week or more. In 2021, CNY begins on February 12, 2012 and lasts for 1 week minimum. How long factories are shut down is completely dependent on the management. Some factories shut down for only 1 week, and some shut down for 1-2 months. Because many workers in China move to a new city to work, CNY is the one time of the year they get to return home and see their families. 

              buy china sex doll

              Therefore, some factories will close for many weeks or months to give their workers more time to spend with their loved ones.

              Knowing this, you need to plan ahead for CNY when ordering a doll. Because all factories will shut down on CNY for at least a week, most will set an order deadline. For example, if you order past a certain date, they will hold off on production until after CNY as they try to wrap up all their existing love doll orders (before that deadline). If you order past their deadline, unfortunately, you will have to wait until after CNY for them to produce and ship your doll which can take weeks or months. During the CNY holiday, vendors will have zero contact with any of the manufacturers.

              Here is what we know so far regarding CNY timelines for various brands. This list will be updated as we find more information.

              WM Dolls, YL, & OR Doll

              The deadline to order for guaranteed shipping before CNY is January 11, 2021. Jinsan (WM, YL, & OR Doll) will be closed from early February to around February 20, 2021.

              Doll Forever, Doll House 168, Piper Doll

              The deadlines to order a doll to be made and shipped before CNY are as follows:

              1. Piper Doll TPE, Doll House 168 2019 series: 28 Jan., 2021;

              2. Piper Silicone Sex Doll: 9 Jan., 2021;

              3. Doll Forever, Doll House 168 Silicone: 31 Jan., 2021;

              4. Doll House 168 old series: 22 Jan., 2021.

              They will go on CNY vacation on February 3, 2021. Their return date is TBA, but it may be as late as mid-March.

              6YE Doll & MESE Doll

              6YE and Mese Doll will be closed from January 28, 2021 to February 19, 2021.


              The main takeaway is that if you haven’t already ordered before January 1, 2021, then your order will likely be held off until after CNY. When the Japanese sex dolls factory is closed, your vendor will have no contact with any of the manufacturers, so if you order in January 2021, expect no responses or updates until late February or March 2021.

              If your order already shipped before CNY, it will be delivered as usual UNLESS it is still in China. All couriers including UPS and Fedex in China will be closed during CNY for one week.

              Note: In-stock dolls outside of China (i.e. in the US) are not affected by CNY.

              Alibaba Bans All Sex Doll Sales in the USCategoriesNews categorized Guidance Others

              Alibaba Bans All Sex Doll Sales in the US

              On January 28, 2021, Alibaba International (owner of and issued a formal statement indicating that starting February, 4, 2021, all sales of love doll products to the USA will be banned. This is huge news. Sex dolls are a massive industry in China and has made Alibaba a ton of money. If Alibaba suddenly decided to ban them in the US, there must be a serious reason why. The vague reasoning given is that they prohibit the sales of “obscene, child pornography, violence, and vulgar products” which they are associating with sex dolls.

              ban sex doll on alibaba
              small love doll

              As of currently, the ban only applies to the US, and affects ALL sex dolls, including sex doll torso, hip, and leg dolls (“Sex Doll products that show full, partial human bodies will be blocked in the United States”). People in other countries will still be able to purchase sex dolls with no issues. This indicates that there is something going on in the US that made Alibaba hesitant or cautious of selling sex dolls to the US. This is likely a form of preventative action in anticipation of an in-coming sex doll ban in the US. There has also been a lot of controversy regarding child-like sex dolls in the US that has been continuously brewing over the last few months.

              What This Means for You?

              If you order sex dolls from Alibaba/Aliexpress: You will no longer be able to order or find cheap sex doll on Alibaba/Aliexpress anymore.

              If you order dolls from vendors or other websites: The Alibaba sex doll ban probably won‘t affect you. It mainly affects the vendors and manufacturers. Because most manufacturers, including top brands like WM DollsPiper Doll, etc., use Alibaba as a payment processor, they will need to find a new payment method for vendors to pay them. Things may get complicated for vendors and brands, but it won’t really affect the customer.

              Note: If you do not live in the US, then this does not directly affect you, but the financial hit to manufacturers could indirectly affect you in the future.

              alibaba sex doll

              The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

              The Good: As you may know, Aliexpress/Alibaba is filled with low quality, counterfeit and knockoff dolls. The ban will actually prevent many Americans from getting scammed, and may bring more business to legitimate vendors.

              The Bad: Alibaba has many lesser-known brands that most Western vendors do not carry. They could be affordable choices for new doll owners. Unfortunately after the ban, Americans will no longer be able to find any of these smaller brands again. The ban may also lead to more counterfeit doll websites popping up as these sellers can no longer sell to the US on Alibaba/Aliexpress.

              The Ugly: Alibaba is a large and powerful company with a lot of influence. Their mini sex doll ban, along with their labeling of sex dolls as “obscene, child pornography, violence, and vulgar products,” will greatly increase the negative stigma toward sex dolls. This will only fuel growing stereotypes and misinformation currently surrounding sex dolls. It may also influence other companies to do the same thing. Their decision will have a significant impact on things to come and how sex dolls are viewed in the future. If Alibaba truly believes in what they say, then they will likely ban all sex dolls from their marketplace eventually, which will greatly hurt 100cm sex doll manufacturers and the sex doll industry as a whole.

              Trouble is brewing in the sex doll industry, and the US is about to get hit hard. What are your thoughts? Comment below!

              little girl
              Sexy female dollCategoriescategorized Guidance News

              Inflatable Love Doll Factory Introduction

              The article was published on a website called a blog that specializes in stories that are spooky and macabre. best sex dolls In the novel, she admits, “I really used my imagination,” but for the film, she adds, “Orient Industry gave me a good education in what it does, and the film is based on that. “

              70% of the world’s adult products are manufactured in China, it is one of the dolls. They are even more beautiful than real people because they have long legs, thin waist, big breasts, and delicate face look like a man of dreams. But you know cheap sex doll factory? We look at. realistic sex doll It is basically fancy masturbation, but to some extent, it is perceived by the user as engaging in sexual activity with another entity. What’s missing is cooperative energy that shows healthy and loving sex. After all, teamwork is the dream job.

              love dolls

              There are a number of reasons why a gay man buys a female doll, but among them, the most common is appearance pleasure. A gay man buys a realistic TPE mini sex doll for pleasure much more than he gets to masturbate simply.

              Mr. Hyodo, a military buff who lives alone but has a little understanding friend, has more than 10 life-size dummies – many of them dressed in combat uniform playing war fantasies. silicone sex dolls The film tells the pure love story between a shy and timid Lars and Bianca doll. In the film, Dagmar, a heart doctor, and Gus’s family. ), Colleagues and neighbors create a safe environment, accept and bear and his girlfriend (doll Bianca), give love and care, help him enjoy life, and build self-confidence.

              Best Sex Dolls

              If you look back on the history of sex dolls, you will find that they have undergone major changes. They were first presented as inflatable sex dolls, mainly used as gifts for the holidays or pranks during graduation ceremonies. These dolls are not strong enough for the weight of the bear. Continuously improve slowly and steadily, small changes occasionally. Today, 100cm sex doll outfit9s Doll E8S and keys just like a real human being. In addition, AI technology was introduced to allow the doll to give feedback.

              In addition to the listed advantages, love doll has many other unlimited benefits. With the help of technology, these models have evolved artistic concepts to existing masterpieces. Unique sex doll’s advantages are unmatched and offer users a great experience.