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Hair Transplant for Sex Dolls

A Hair Transplant Doll refers to a silicone head that has individual hairs manually implanted into the scalp during the manufacturing process. This process is time-consuming and requires a great deal of effort, which is why Hair Transplant Dolls are priced higher than other dolls.
Solid dolls with wigs are generally made of TPE material, as tpe dolls cannot be implanted with hair. However, dolls with silicone heads can also be wigged to meet the demands of different customers. Some customers may want a silicone head doll but do not want to pay extra for hair implantation, so factories offer silicone wigged solid dolls.
Why can hair be implanted into a silicone Doll’s head?

This is because the silicone material used to create the doll’s head has a hard texture, high elasticity, and strong molding ability. When workers manually implant individual hair strands, the surface of the silicone head does not easily crack and maintains a complete scalp appearance.

Hair transplant dolls can use either real or synthetic hair. Real hair is obtained from the market and washed before being implanted into the silicone head. Real hair is very costly.

Hair and eyebrow implants

Advantages and Disadvantages of Hair Transplant Dolls

(1) Realistic – The silicone head with implanted hair looks very realistic, with a hairline and scalp that are almost identical to that of a real person.then it would be a very realistic sex doll.
(2) Beautiful – The hair-transplanted head makes the whole doll look very beautiful and aesthetically pleasing.
(3) Non-dyeable – Some low-quality wigs on the market can be prone to dyeing. Hair transplant dolls can avoid this issue.

(1) Expensive – As mentioned earlier, manual implantation is required, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive
(2) Difficult to Clean and Maintain – The implanted hair is closely connected to the entire head, making it difficult to clean. To clean the hair, the entire head must be removed from the body, and when washing, care must be taken to avoid damaging the makeup and preventing water from entering.
(3) Limited Hairstyle – After hair transplantation, the hairstyle cannot be changed and can only be cut short or trimmed simply.
(4) Imperfect Production – The manual operation during the hair transplantation process can lead to defective products.

How to Choose?

If you are mainly interested in the if physiological needs and not concerned about appearance, you can choose a wigged doll. These dolls are cheaper and can be replaced when no longer fresh. However, if you enjoy photography, role-playing, dressing up, and consider the doll as a model, it is best to choose a hair transplant silicon dolls.