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Have You Ever Wondered Why Some Solid Dolls Have Standing Feet?

Have you ever wondered why some solid dolls have standing feet? When you first purchase a lifelike sex doll, you may notice that there is an option to have standing feet for an extra cost. But what exactly are standing feet, and shouldn’t solid dolls already be able to stand on their own?

It all comes down to the material used in the doll’s construction. TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer, is a very soft material commonly used in solid dolls. If you were to purchase a solid doll without standing feet, the metal skeleton inside the footplate could wear out the TPE feet when trying to keep the doll standing. This is where the standing function comes in handy.

A  chubby sex doll is designed with three screws on the feet that act as an extension of the skeleton to support the doll’s weight when standing. However, even with the standing function, the doll may still stand unsteadily due to its inability to maintain balance like a real person. To ensure stability, it is recommended to have the doll lean against a wall or support its heels.

It’s important to note that when choosing a doll with standing feet, stockings should not be worn as the screws may wear out or even tear through them. Additionally, when putting shoes on the doll, it’s best to wear multiple pairs of socks or use harder insoles to prevent damage to the shoes.

Alternatively, you can put special leather insoles on the doll’s feet before putting on stockings. But for those seeking the perfect doll, the three screws may compromise the integrity of the sole of the foot. Depending on your needs, plain feet may be the better option if you don’t plan on keeping the doll standing for long periods. However, if you intend to use silicone sex doll as a mannequin or a costume model, then the standing feature is essential.

In conclusion, standing feet in solid dolls are an important feature for those who wish to use the doll for modeling or display purposes. While there are some drawbacks to this feature, such as potential damage to stockings or shoes, proper care and maintenance can ensure that the doll remains in good condition.