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History of the Sex Doll

sex doll my brunette sex doll Boris sex dolls were already present several centuries ago but quite different to what we can know since about thirty years, period at which the industry started to realize sex dolls as we know them today.

sex doll

Historically, over the centuries and the various cultures that have passed through them, each has had its version of sex dolls. Stories in Greek and Roman literature tell us that men of those times made their first love with statues representing the ideal woman of the moment. Later, in the 17th century, Spanish, English and especially Dutch sailors, who sailed for months at a time, had sex dolls made of straw and leather. The Dutch, trading with the Japanese, called them “Dutch brides”. To this day, the Japanese still call them that.

However, these dolls from the olden days as well as the dolls from the 70’s-2000’s were not as realistic as the sex dolls we offer.

From the inflatable doll to the sex doll in VSE
The first inflatable plastic dolls appeared in the United States in the late 1960s, as soon as it was legal to sell sex toys in 1968. But it was not until the 1980s that inflatable dolls began to appear in sex shops.

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The inflatable doll was mainly offered as a gift for laughing with friends. These inflatable sex dolls were obviously not suitable for sexual intercourse, as the sexual parts were crudely represented and the materials used were neither pleasant nor resistant.

The new sex dolls use the latest technology, which has made these inflatable dolls obsolete and ridiculous, it must be said.

The sex dolls available on allow you to get closer to a real sexual relationship thanks to the use of TPA and silicone. Indeed, these high quality materials offer a perfect balance between softness and firmness, as well as a self-healing elasticity, approaching the texture of human skin.

From realistic mannequin to sex doll
In the 90s, a Californian artist, Matt McMullen, started making ultra-realistic mannequins. The rendering of his creations was so impressive that he received numerous requests from all over the world. Many of these requests concerned the anatomy of his female mannequins. He realised that there was a strong demand for realistic female models that could provide sex.

From there, McMullin developed the first ultra-realistic sex dolls. Today, his company continues to create and market high-end sex dolls.

To date, the sex dolls have advanced features, and the future will bring even more realism to these sex dolls through the use of artificial Intelligence.