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Hot 5 Sex Doll Movies

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1 Love me Doll, I Love My Doll
“Love me” Love my Doll is a romantic documentary which was released in 2007. It focuses on the story of lonely males who became enthralled by customized real-sized dolls. In the documentary, these men discuss how their dolls became their real-life counterparts and turned into their real-life counterparts. They give their dolls names, like Virginia as an example.

The film, which is which runs for 50 minutes, reveals how the guys find joy and joy in dolls that fulfill their most cherished fantasies. They chose to purchase sexually explicit dolls following a long time of struggling to connect to real people or interacting with girls.

The boys crafted the body features of their life-sized dolls based on their wishes and desires. They also enjoyed the company and affection of their companions who would never quit them due to various reasons including not looking attractive. The men were enthralled by the dolls since unlike real women they’re not high-maintenance and they were able to have whatever they wanted with them.

A scene in Love me My Love Doll

“Love me” Love my Doll effortlessly illustrates that love isn’t just blind, but it’s also made up. The film highlights the benefits of having a doll. As one of the characters in the film says that you don’t need to worry about her becoming pregnant or getting sick.

2. Ex Machina
The film was released in 2014. Ex Machina is a science fantasy thriller that is based upon the story of Caleb a 26-year-old computer programmer working for the world’s biggest cyberspace corporationBlue Book. Blue Book. Caleb is chosen to participate in an exciting study of synthetic intelligence in a mountain retreat that is private testing the human characteristics of a humanoid with the most advanced A.I.

The experiment demanded Caleb connect directly to the first real AI. which was residing with A beautiful and attractive robot girl named Ava. Through the test, he’s required to establish if Ava can think and awareness. Ava is robotic, however, she is human-like in appearance and feet. Within her confinement, Caleb visits her daily for their daily routine.

Eva attracts Caleb after a few sessions, and a bond forms between them. It was evident that the feelings were reciprocated and mutual. The relationship reaches a point at which Ava states her desire to explore the world outside. Caleb in a state of confusion by his love for her agrees and makes will help her escape from her shackles.

One reviewer described the film as “…” the type of film that I truly enjoy when I think of the science-fiction genre”. The reviewer continues to state, “… we will select and create our ideal relationship partner to be the person we want our partner to look like”.

The scene in Ex Machina

The film demonstrates how robots and humans could be a part of the same community sharing memories, emotions and even being attracted by one another. This is also true of the sex dolls since they could offer wonderful company and be lifelong partners that we love and cherish.

3. A.I Rising
A.I Rising is a more recent addition to our top 10 sexually explicit films to see. The film premiered in 2018 and is described as an exciting, science fiction, but a romantic film set in the future of a century. It’s about a multinational company named Ederlezi that is the pioneer of a space exploration mission towards Alpha Centauri.

The corporation hires Milutin an experienced Slav Cosmonaut. It requires that he accept joining the mission along with Nimani who is a female android who is programmed to fulfill Milutin’s wishes and track his performance on the spacecraft. Initially, the cosmonaut doesn’t like the idea due to having previously had negative experiences with women. However, he later accepts the concept.

While on the voyage, Nimani is activated, and the cosmonaut begins to play using her programmed models. He realizes that the android is soft and artificial, and unlike the females that he had met in the earlier days.

After a while and a time, they both become romantically and emotionally intertwined to the point that they engage in regular sexual relations. Nimani’s emotions grew so intense that Milutin observed her acting out beyond her usual routine and later decided to establish whether her feelings were real or if they were a part of a scripted.

The film showcases an algorithmic future where android applications will be integrated into sexual dolls. The film also demonstrates the possibility of sex dolls and humans sharing a special romantic relationship.

4. Air Doll
Air Doll is a 2009 Japanese drama that tells the story of an inflatable sex doll named Nozomi. The film opens with Hideo an older man who lives alone with Nozomi. The doll is all he’s got in his life and it’s also his friend. Hideo chats with her over dinner and has sex in dresses, and she takes her on walks in the wheelchair.

A day when Hideo is working, Nozomi comes to life and wears the uniform of a maid. She decides to leave her home and travel the world. In the course of her travels, Nozomi walks into a video shop where she gets a job offer that she accepts and falls in love in a relationship with one of their staff member Junichi. Junichi.

Nozomi when working at the Video store cut herself and then deflates. By using adhesive tape Junichi heals the wound and then blows her up with his mouth. Hideo goes into the video store to be served by her sexy doll but he’s unable to recognize her. Later, Hideo discovers the truth that Nozomi has changed into a real doll. He requests her return to lifelessness as the human interaction is “annoying.” Nozomi was wounded and decided to leave.

Later, she starts to feel and think about death. She even visits her manufacturer and is told that the manufacturer believes sexually explicit dolls have hearts. Nozomi is eventually back to Junichi and promises her that she’ll take care of everything he needs for him.

As great as sex doll films can be This one comes I strongly suggest this Air Doll. It’s on your list of films to watch. It’s an absolute must-see! It shows how you can enjoy an intimate, intimate, and intimate relationship with your sex doll.

5 Love Object
“Love object” is a love-themed horror film made in 2003. Based on the story of a strange and socially awkward technical writer Kenneth Winslow, who has very little experience with romantic relationships. He later is promoted to editor, and then introduced to his newly appointed assistant Lisa the attractive and stunning lady.

Convinced that Lisa is beyond his capabilities and he is determined to build his ideal girl by purchasing an adult-sized doll from the web. After delivery, Kenneth lies to his neighbor that the fridge is actually a refrigerator. Then, he takes the doll out of its packaging and alters it to an image of his new assistant. He calls it ‘Nikki.’

After having been together with Nikki for a time his life undergoes an unexpected turn when his social skills return and romantic wit catches Lisa’s interest. Kenneth begins to date Lisa and later wishes for her to look and act like Nikki. After a few months, Lisa catches up and is dissatisfied with Kenneth.

This film highlights how the sexy doll could enhance your social interactions, particularly in the event that you’re scared of the first step and interacting with a girl. You can develop your skills using your doll prior to throwing you into the dating arena. There is no doubt that sex dolls have more to offer than sexual intimacy.

6. Cherry 2000
The story revolves around an entrepreneur who is successful Sam Treadwell and how far he’d travel to search for his wife’s duplicate. Sam loses his beloved who turned out to be a top-of-the-line sexuality robot called Cherry 2000. Cherry was devastated when she suffered an unintentional short circuit while having sexual contact with Sam on the kitchen floor. Sam was determined to do whatever it took to find a model and to put it in her memory chip.

In the aftermath of losing his love, Sam hires ‘E, the tough tracker with a sexual charge to assist him in finding the perfect sex doll replacement in the extremely dangerous ‘Zone 7’. In the course of their thrilling and dangerous assignment, Sam and E realize that the thing Sam was looking for all his life could be there, waiting for him to get.

The film was released in 1987. Cherry 2000 was ahead of its time. It depicts how easy it is to get captivated by dolls that sex, and the things you’d do and the lengths you’ll go to together with the person you love most.

Final Words
The importance and advantages of sex dolls for human life are often ignored. With the advancement of technology, sexual robots may prove more valuable in our daily lives than we realize.

If you are watching a romantic movie featuring sex dolls and your partner or lover can strengthen the bond you already are already and help you develop as an entire unit. Similar to the movies mentioned above, sex dolls offer many advantages and are used in modern-day applications.

Go to these films in case you haven’t yet taken a look and experienced a mind-blowing exciting, enjoyable, and fun adventure with your loved one.