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How Do I Get My TPE Sex Doll To Ride on Me

The key to getting your TPE sex doll to ride on you is proper positioning. Place your doll on top of you in a straddling position with her knees on either side of your waist. Bend the knees and keep the back straight for support. Adjust the doll so that your penis lines up properly under the vagina or anus for penetration. Use pillows under the knees if needed to take pressure off.

Secure the Doll in Place

While TPE material has high friction and sticks well to surfaces, it is best to secure your TPE sex doll while in action. Place your hands on the doll’s hips, butt or torso to help stabilize as she rides up and down. Another option is using adjustable straps around the doll to tether her to your body. This is especially helpful if you have a doll with large breasts which can become unstable during strong movements.

Thrust and Move Together

Once in position and secure, you can start to gently thrust up into the silicone dolls while she rides down onto you, creating a realistic intercourse sensation. Move together slowly at first to get into a good rhythm. Having the doll in a riding position gives you an arousing view of her body in motion from below. Stroke and caress her to increase the intimacy.

Other Positions to Try

Riding is not the only position you can enjoy with your TPE sex doll. You can also bend her over into doggy style, lift one of her legs over your shoulder, or place her on her side for lazy penetration from an angle. Get creative and come up with your own favorite positions! The possibilities are endless for play.

TPE is Made for Fun

The soft and supple TPE material that torso sex doll are made of lends itself well to vigorous activity without damage. However, it is still best to handle your doll with care and avoid dropping or puncturing the skin. With proper use and maintenance, a high quality TPE sex doll can provide you years of enjoyment and fantasy fulfillment in any position you desire!