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How Do You Feel About Your 18-Year-Old Son Buying a Sex Doll?

For parents, discovering an adult son has purchased an sex doll can bring up concerns about maturity, relationships and psychological wellbeing.

While legally adults at 18, many young men still have much to learn about intimacy, partnership and healthy sexual expression in the years ahead. The idea that your son’s first sexual experience or relationship is with a sex doll torso rather than a human may raise questions and worry about their emotional and social development into adulthood.

Is your son ready for the responsibilities of a relationship?

At 18, your son is exploring their newfound independence and autonomy in many areas of life, including relationships and sexuality. However, a sex doll requires none of the mutual care, trust, compromise or life planning that a human partner does. This may allow your son to avoid developing relationship skills and maturity that will be crucial for their future happiness and success with live, conscious partners.

Will your son miss opportunities for true human intimacy and bonding?

A worry for any parent is that their son may use sex dolls as a way to escape anxiety and vulnerability around human relationships rather than learning to navigate intimacy with all its challenges. While tpe sex dolls provide a sense of companionship and physical pleasure, they lack the emotional, intellectual and spiritual connections possible in relationships with self-aware partners. Parents may fear their son will miss out on these deeper human bonds if they opt for fantasy play with an artificial companion instead.

Is this a healthy outlet for your son’s sexual desires and interests?

For some young men, an interest in sex dolls reflects curiosities and passions that go on to be integrated into adult relationships in ethical ways. However, in other cases this interest masks dissatisfaction, longing or inappropriate tendencies in how they perceive and relate to romantic partners. If concerning signs appear, it may be worth speaking to a medical professional to determine an appropriate and sensitive way to address these issues before they cause harm.

As a parent, discovering your 18-year-old’s interest in purchasing a high-end cheap sex doll  can be an uncomfortable realization, especially as you navigate how much independence and autonomy are appropriate for their age. With open communication, professional counselling and the benefit of time to develop relationship maturity, what seems alarming may become less concerning and even feel supportive of their flourishing into sexually and emotionally healthy adults. However, if at any point worry turns to fear of harm to themselves or others, it is best to seek help from the appropriate sources right away.