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How Do You Keep Torso Sex Doll Clean

  1. Remove dust and dirt.

TPE and silicone love dolls will always have dust and dirt on them, even if the room is clean. They need to be cleaned regularly.

In general, it is said to be done once every two weeks, but there is no specific guideline.

There are many articles on the Internet that recommends washing your sex doll in the bathroom to remove dust and dirt.

One point of advice here.

It is not necessary to wash them in the bathroom.

I’ll say it again. There is no need to wash in the bathroom.

Also, there is no need to use baby powder on a regular basis.

It is enough to use when removing dust and dirt.

I have a love doll that I haven’t used baby powder on in over two years, and it hasn’t deteriorated.

Not using it does not mean deterioration.

I’ll say it again. There is no need to apply baby powder on a regular basis.

If you want to make your skin feel better, you can do it as you like.

Periodic re-makeup (TPE only)

In the case of TPE, makeup will naturally fall off due to the nature of the material. Therefore, it is necessary to reapply makeup periodically.

We plan to publish a separate column on how to apply makeup.

  1. Always store your torso sex doll in the best way possible.

In order to keep your love doll beautiful, the most important thing is how you store it.

The most important thing to keep your love doll clean is to store it in the best way possible.

If you fail to do so, it may tear, fracture, or even break.

Even if you have cleaned the dirt and dust off, if you neglect to store it properly, it can all be ruined.

If you are a busy person and don’t have time to clean the dust and dirt off your love doll torso, at the very least, you should always store it in optimal conditions.

What is the best way to store them?

The best way to store your love doll is to lay it down (for both TPE and silicone dolls).

By laying the torso doll down with all the joints stretched out, you can reduce the load on the doll and prevent it from tearing.

We do not recommend storing the dolls in a chair, as this may cause the buttocks to cave in and the joints to tear.

Temporary storage is not a problem.

To prolong the life of your sex doll, it is important to clean it regularly. Since TPE is very absorbent, it is recommended that you clean your Real Love Doll after each use. This will help prevent the buildup of bacteria that can degrade the material on your Real Love Doll.

To make cleaning your love doll easier, use a condom during intercourse with your sex doll. To clean a torso sex doll’s vagina, anus, and oral canal, use a vaginal or anal flush and flush with water. This should be used in combination with a non-irritating soap or detergent.

Do not use strong detergents or chemicals on Real sex dolls. They can cause serious damage. Alcohol or solutions containing alcohol should also be avoided. Our cleaning kit contains the essential tools for cleaning your high-end love doll.

To clean the surface of the sex doll, use a mild, color-safe towel along with water and your favorite cleanser. Darker colored fabrics should be used with extreme caution, as fabric dyes can stain the surface of the doll. If possible, use only light-colored fabrics.

For heavy cleaning, you can bathe the doll in a bath, but avoid submerging the neck and head as this may rust the metal skeleton.

Once the sex doll is clean, dry it with a gentle, color-safe towel. Dust the surface of the torso doll lightly with talcum powder, baby powder, or cornstarch. Store the torso doll in an upright position with the joints fully extended. Do not store dolls with their limbs or joints bent. This may cause creases in the doll’s skin.