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How Much a Sex Doll

How much do love dolls cost? – Pricing Guide for Love Dolls

Because of the special nature of sex dolls, people don’t mention them casually and are more concerned that people will know they are buying sex dolls. Sellers are careful enough not to put a written description of the sex dolls on the delivery. They are usually packaged privately. This protects the privacy of the guest very well. In recent years, the demand for TPE sex doll has increased day by day, which means that there are many new buyers coming into the market and their common question is how much do sex dolls really cost? How come they are a little cheaper and others are much more expensive? Specifically, people ask “how much should I pay for a sex doll” and “is a sex doll worth it”. However, many things are due to common factors, different influences that lead to different results, and all you need to consider is what you want from your doll.
In this article, I will first explain what the key factors are that play a part in the different prices of dolls. You can then choose a sex doll that meets your personal needs and see how much it costs.

Factors that affect the price of a sex doll. They are the material, quality of the material, the amount of the material, and the art.
Let me start with this. There are many different sex dolls out there and they come in many different price ranges. That being said, you may be wondering why. What is it about sex dolls that makes their prices vary so much? And what is the price of a sex doll these days? What exactly is the reason for this?

The following four key factors

1. What materials are used in sex dolls

Industrial grade silicone is pressed from a tube. It doesn’t look at all realistic this way, so sex dolls must be quite difficult to produce.
This is what industrial silicone looks like. It’s crazy, how can it be a sexy love doll?
Is the doll made of rubber, latex, TPE, or silicone?
Rubber and latex are only used in the base layer of sex dolls, they are not relevant to this article. TPE and silicone are the modern industry standard for sex dolls. They both mimic human skin extremely well, not only when looking at it, but also when touching it. Silicone is more expensive, while TPE is cheaper, but TPE also has disadvantages, such as being porous and not being heat resistant. You can find dolls made of both materials in most price ranges.

2. Quality of the material

Are the dolls made from poor quality TPE or silicone or are they of high quality? Quality plays an important role in the production of love dolls. High quality materials are always more expensive than low quality materials. During the production of TPEs, a variety of plastics are mixed together. The more plastics used, the lower the quality of the TPE you will get, depending on the degree of impurity. Conversely, when fewer pure plastics are mixed, the result is a high quality TPE. Obviously, the higher the quality of the raw material, the more expensive the doll. On a scale, one could say that low quality TPE is the cheapest material and high quality silicone is the most expensive.

3.The amount of material used

How big is the doll and how much does it weigh? The next factor to consider is the amount of TPE or silicone the doll needs to be true to life. A thin, light and small doll will cost much less than a thick, heavy and large doll. This is because, for example, a large doll simply imitates a larger area of skin than a small doll.
That makes sense, doesn’t it?
An interesting fact is that weight is a secondary factor as it can be influenced by the skeleton of a love doll.
The richness of detail and realism of the doll
Does the doll barely look and feel real, or is it realistic?
The final factor to consider is that the amount of detail required to build a realistic sex doll comes at a cost. Art takes time and comes at a high price.

4. The art

Artists, such as professional sculptors and painters, are hired to make the molds, models, and body parts more real than life, such as eyes or genitals. Not all puppet parts can be mass-produced and must be at least partially hand-made. All of these elements must be as anatomically correct as possible for the sex doll to be realistic.
In addition, the more realistic the doll, the higher the quality of the materials required, which further increases the cost.
However, if you don’t necessarily want a realistic sex doll, this factor is not as important as the others.
Now, “How much does a sex doll cost?” This question doesn’t seem as simple as it used to be, does it? There are many things to consider.

The ranges of sex doll prices we used to see are below $800, $800-1500, $1500-2000, and over $2000.


The cheap range less than $800

most the sex dolls below $800 are TPE material. If it ships locally, you will get a high quality sex doll. We all know sheep fur comes from sheep. If the seller has a local warehouse to store the dolls, then the cost will be reduced a lot. So shoppers can give customers great price with good quality.

$800-$1500 sex dolls

For this kind of price, you can go for a big sex doll, a more exquisite mini sex doll, or a high quality torso. Big sex dolls has big market, so many factory produces them more than mini ones. So you can pick more different styles, something more in detail.

$1500-$2000 sex dolls

Now, we can look up more high quality sex dolls as we want. But not too tall, as we mentioned above, the material amount of sex dolls will increase the price. So I would recommend some height between 150cm-160cm.

sex dolls Over $2000

The realism factor is even greater now. When you pay up to $3,500 for a sex doll, you get a doll with more features and options. For example, you can find sex dolls with removable vaginas, pubic hair, flexible skeletal joints, different hairstyles, and eyes. If you want more than just sex, buying a silicone sex doll for $2,501 to $3,500 is a good idea. These are the kind of dolls that are often photographed on camera. If you are a photographer or artist and want to capture beautiful women in interesting poses for the camera, then a doll in this price range is a good buy. As for the removable vagina, it is very useful for all men who have sex with dolls. If the vagina can be removed, it is much easier to clean. The vagina can also be rinsed with hot tap water. This is something that is never possible when the vagina is still attached to the body.