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How much is the cheapest sex doll?

Many novice friends will feel excited when they see the pictures of sex dolls, but will this price be very expensive? Domestic sex dolls are also available, and the technology is top-notch. Of course, this is proportional to USD.

The price of sex dolls will be much higher than aircraft cups and inflatable dolls, because most of them are filled with one-to-one solid materials, after all, the materials are there. The specific price depends on the height and size of the doll you buy, and the price of different sizes is different. There are three to five hundred small ones, and one to two thousand large ones, made of TPE material. Silicone material will be more expensive, generally more than 5,000.

So the cheapest sex dolls are three to five hundred

We can buy some dolls that do not have such complete functions, which means that we can directly buy those dolls that can simply solve our physical problems. She also has a very good touch, with a slender waist, slender legs, and delicate Skin, when we touched her towering breasts, we didn’t feel like we were touching a sex doll at all, but felt that we were touching the breasts of a big beauty. This feeling was really enjoyable. So it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t call the bed, or the body temperature heating function with the swing of the movement doesn’t matter. In fact, it is enough to achieve what we want, so we don’t need to ask how much the cheapest sex doll is. This is up to our own choice.

The height function determines the price, and the specific price of the doll depends on your budget. Customers who are exposed to sex dolls for the first time will think that the price is very high, but it is not high. The sex dolls are like real people and have complete functions. Buying a doll is equivalent to buying a wife to go home.

How much is the cheapest sex doll? To sum up, the price of sex dolls is probably like this. We can go to some regular websites to compare the prices, and then go to some physical stores to check the prices. You must know that there are many places, they are based on the goods. The price is determined by the quality of the product, so if we really feel that we want to have a happy sex life, then we can add a little money and buy a better sex doll.

Torso sex dolls and partial mini sex dolls are the cheapest options

Perhaps for a few dozen dollars, you can buy a torso sex doll to take home. Torso sex dolls and partial mini sex doll  are the cheapest options. They only contain the upper body of the sex doll, without a head, arms or legs. Because of their small size and weight, they are relatively easy to hide and transport. 

Although torso sex dolls and partial mini sex dolls are inexpensive, they can still provide an experience. They usually have a sexy chest, delicate skin and a short small vagina or anus for sexual contact and masturbation. For those who want to experience a sex doll but have a tight budget, a torso sex doll or partial mini sex doll can be a not bad choice. 

torso sex doll

Of course, torso sex doll and partial mini sex dolls also have their limitations. They don’t look very realistic and can hardly satisfy experiences like hugging a full-size sex doll. Sexual contact is also relatively single, with limited positions and ways. And without a head, they cannot provide other sexual acts such as oral sex. So if the budget is more generous, a full-size sex doll is undoubtedly a better choice. But for those who are price sensitive but eager to own a sex doll, a torso sex doll or partial mini sex doll is also a barely acceptable compromise.