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How Sex Doll Maintains Your Marriage

Do you want sex with your wife or husband so often, but your lover doesn’t want to have sex that much. It does happen, they say their best sex experience stop at the day when they get married. They both love each other. But it is miserable for the ones who want sex and even think about a divorce. And that’s when they want a sex doll. And they share the way how they use sex dolls to maintain their marriage.

Here is one story. It happens a lot. His wife and he have been married for 3 years now and their sex life together seemed to go straight downhill on their wedding day. Before they got married we had sex almost every other day but now it’s like once every couple of months. he is horny all the time! (which is totally normal, no shame of it.) He is almost losing his mind and has started catching himself daydreaming about having sex with other women all the time. He has tried everything from talking about it, counseling, asking to get his wife’s libido checked, keeping the house clean and running her errands for his wife, sending flowers and loving texts while his wife is at work, etc… Nothing is working and he said that he absolutely will not cheat and doesn’t want to but has considered divorce. He tried to talk about getting a sex doll. Before buying the sex doll, he did some research about the pros and cons of sex dolls. It includes if it is easy to clean a sex doll and what is the hot sex doll nowadays.

At the very beginning, he is not comfortable with it. He prefers his wife, of course, but when he tried a few times, he gets more used to it. That eases his libido, and he doesn’t fantasize a lot like before. There is no cheating and betrayal. When he and his wife both are needed sex, they will have sex with much satisfaction. He hid the sex doll firstly and doesn’t want his wife to know that. However, his wife discovered one day! It was shocking to her. They have a long conversation. His wife tries to understand and think about all the things his husband had done for her, and the most important is that she now knows how much his husband loves her that he never thinks about cheating and hiring a hoker. So She doesn’t blame his husband and let his husband keep the doll. What’s more, she even buys clothes for the doll. Like his husband, she loves his husband so much as well and she wants him happy.

What a love story! Sex doll has almost the same touch sense as women. If you want the warmth, you can use a heater bar to get the pussy warmer. It will feel more real.

The new year is coming! Hope everyone gets better in the near future. Be loved and has someone you love.