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How to Choose Outfits for Your Flat Chested Sex Doll

In addition to specialized flat chested sex doll costumes, love dolls can also be dressed in human clothes.

However, since the height and style of a love doll are very different from those of an actual human being, care must be taken when choosing costumes.

So, here are some tips on how to choose outfits and wigs for your love doll.

Love doll outfits should be “children’s clothes or women’s sizes

It is recommended to choose either children’s clothes or women’s size outfits for love dolls, depending on their height.

However, for love dolls with big breasts, the length of the tops will be too long, so choose one or two sizes up to match your bust size.

In the beginning, you may want to prepare an outfit made of stretchy material such as a knit one-piece dress, or put on your own T-shirt to see how many centimeters the length of the top will be.

For dolls between 100 and 150cm tall, choose from children’s clothing as a rule.

Even cosplay costumes are available in children’s sizes, such as nurse uniforms.

If you are taller than this, there are more costumes in women’s sizes that you can wear.

If you are over 150cm tall, size S is the standard, and if you are over 160cm tall, size M is the standard.

When you dress your child in women’s clothing, the waist of the clothes may inevitably be too thick and bulky.

If this happens, you can adjust the waist by fastening the back with safety pins or clothespins.

How to Choose a Love Doll Costume (Lingerie)

For underwear, compare the size of the 100cm sex doll to the lingerie manufacturer’s size chart.

Unlike human dolls, there is no need to worry about “styling” or “cleavage makeup” since the flesh of the breasts will not escape.

However, if you choose a size that is too tight, you may end up with marks on your body, or you may end up looking like a colorist.

If you are worried about the size, it is better to buy one size up.

Also, if it is sexy lingerie that fastens with strings, size does not matter.

You can easily adjust it by tying the strings in place.

How to Choose a Love Doll Costume (Wigs)

Like costumes, love doll wigs are full human wigs that can be purchased at various stores or online.

Unfortunately, wigs are displayed in their original packaging on the Internet or even in stores, and in most cases, you can’t directly touch the actual wigs while selecting them.

Therefore, there are a few things to check when choosing a wig.

sex doll wig

Choose wigs that don’t need to be set.

Most wigs for cosplay are made on the assumption that you will cut and style them yourself.

It is technically difficult for a beginner to complete the cutting and styling, and you will also need the right tools.

Read product descriptions and reviews carefully and choose products that say “pre-styled,” “no cutting required,” or “character wigs.

Don’t buy cheap wigs.

Wigs are available at a variety of prices, some of which are less than $350.

However, many cheap wigs are made from inferior materials or are poorly made, so the quality of the hair or the whole is not good.