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How to Clean a Sex Doll

After using the doll with satisfaction, the next step is the annoying task of washing it, how to get it clean. Things need to be cared for to last a long time. If you don’t clean it, bacteria will grow and it’s no good.

How often do I need to clean my sex doll?
There are two aspects to this question: one is hygiene and the other is prolonging the life of the real doll.

We recommend that you clean your love doll every 2-4 weeks. This is the perfect balance between hygiene and the longest possible life of the adult doll. Many of our customers are quite particular about hygiene (excuse the pun) and like to clean their dolls every time they use them. However, remember that this can accelerate the deterioration of the doll’s skin, shorten its lifespan and accelerate skin breakage.

We recommend that you make doll cleaning part of your daily routine.

There may be other products you can use to clean your adult sex doll.

Here is a list of some suggestions and tips.

?Antibacterial soap
?Talc (baby powder)
?Thin sponge
?Another sponge cut into small cotton buds.
?Non-abrasive dry cloth
?Medical forceps
?Sturdy paper towels

Each sexy doll comes with a small cleaning kit containing a vaginal cleanser.
How do I clean the hole in my sex dolls?

anime sex doll

Cleaning the doll’s vagina, anus and mouth is a delicate task and there are several techniques for exposing these areas for cleaning. This method we suggest is probably one of the easiest and most effective techniques, see below.

Apply lukewarm water and antibacterial soap to a small cotton towel-like sponge.
The sponge can then be used to clean the opening. Use medical pliers to push the sponge into the opening and clean it.
Discard the sponge and repeat steps 1 and 2.
After two swabs, the opening should be clean, and you can put in another dry sponge to remove excess soap and water.
Once it has dried successfully, talc can be applied to the outside of the opening.

Finish the fire. Your cavity should now be clean and free of bacteria and dirt.

Remove the doll’s head and wig and wipe the face with a sponge dipped in antibacterial soap. This must be done carefully so as not to damage the doll unnecessarily.

Only part of the doll’s head should be washed at a time. Do not use too much water as this will dry the eyes.

When the washing is finished, let the doll dry. If the doll is still damp after a few hours, remove the water with a dry cloth.
How to wash the doll’s face
To wash the face, remove the head from the body and, if possible, remove the wig. Wash the doll’s face with a warm sponge dipped in antibacterial soap and gently pat the facts. Be careful not to get the eyes or eyelashes wet.

Then wipe the face with a dry cloth and pat dry.

It is important not to soak the doll’s head in the water at this time.

How do I dry the doll after cleaning?
It is very important to make sure that the doll is completely dry, as this prevents friction between the skin and the doll, which can cause the skin to break.

Dry the little doll by gently wiping the wet sex doll with a light, non-abrasive cloth. Do not use too much pressure at this time.

Once most of the water has been removed from the doll, allow it to dry completely naturally for an hour. Then apply talcum powder to the doll’s body so that the doll smells good and the skin does not remain sticky.

Where should I keep my love doll?
There are many options for storing your doll.

?sex doll storage boxes
?Hanging a cupboard
?Original transport box
?Storage bags
Any of the above methods will help keep your doll in good condition. As mentioned above, avoid direct contact with inks and materials that can transfer colors to your doll.

Do not expose your doll to sunlight for long periods of time. This is because it can weaken the silicone or TPE skin.

If you have any further questions about the care of your sex doll, please contact [email protected].