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How to Create a Unique Sex Doll?

How to Create a Unique Sex Doll?T32004 15

The same sex dolls, from the same brand, are undoubtedly purchased by thousands of people. Everyone has a possessive nature, especially when it comes to our exclusive partners, so we certainly want sex dolls to be a unique presence.

Most brands in the market generally have one standard for whether the same-looking sex dolls are different, and that is hair implantation. The price difference for hair implantation in similar sex dolls is about $200-500. For those who want a personalized sexual companion, they usually choose anime sex dolls with implanted hair because they can be changed and personalized.

The benefits of personalization lie in the ability to create a “you have it, I don’t” presence through settings and dressing!

The character settings can be broadly categorized as follows:

  1. Identity: Celebrities, neighbors, and anime characters, etc.
  2. Occupation: Police, lawyer, nurse, etc.
  3. Personality: Reserved, lively, cute, etc.
  4. Relationship: Sibling, girlfriend, wife, etc.

Sex dolls are blank canvases manufactured by factories, and owners need to define and give them an independent personality.

Apart from the unchangeable head sculpt and body, the fun of lifelike sex dolls also lies in the hairstyle, eyes, facial makeup, and clothing, all of which can be chosen based on preferences.

How to Create a Unique Sex Doll?


There are many styles of wigs—long, short, curly, straight, and various colors, some of which can even be handmade. The most common wig materials on the market are three types: synthetic fiber, high-temperature fiber, and real hair.

  • Synthetic fiber: Cheap, basic styling, poor quality, not easy to maintain, prone to damage.
  • High-temperature fiber: Moderate price, heat-resistant, can be styled in various ways, commonly used by cosplayers.
  • Real hair: Expensive, woven from real hair, possesses all the advantages of real hair.


The eyeballs are usually installed by the manufacturer before leaving the factory, and there are few options for customization. The quality varies in terms of material and painting quality, and the next choice is the color of the iris.

In theory, the eyes can be changed because there is a device inside the eye when manufacturing a sex doll that can fix the eyeball on it. The eyeball can rotate in this device, and adjusting the doll’s eyes is done this way. However, it’s not easy to operate and requires special tools; otherwise, there is a risk of damaging the doll’s eyes. If eye replacement is needed, you can contact the manufacturer or a professional to handle it.

Facial Makeup

The head of a sex doll can be made of silicone or TPE, and a professional makeup artist will do simple makeup before leaving the factory.

TPE facial makeup is relatively simple, usually only involving eye and lip makeup. Due to the material, the makeup’s adhesion is not strong, and it may fade over time. Following the normal makeup removal and touch-up process is sufficient. Many manufacturers also provide consultation and services for sex doll makeup, which can be sought at flagship stores.

Silicone facial makeup is more detailed, covering almost the entire face, including fine blood vessels. To maintain the makeup’s durability, special pigments are often used in silicone makeup materials, ensuring that the makeup does not come off during daily cleaning. It’s important to note that silicone head makeup is generally irreversible, so careful consideration is needed if modifications are desired.


Clothing is the most direct way to express a sex doll’s personality. Many sex dolls are produced in a 1:1 ratio to real humans. Basically, you can buy clothes directly from the market, with various styles and different prices. There are several types of sex doll clothing:

  1. Everyday clothing: Shirts, skirts, jeans, etc., resembling common streetwear.
  2. Professional clothing: Special uniforms with specific significance, such as school uniforms, flight attendant uniforms, nurse uniforms, etc.
  3. Special attire: Includes various costumes inspired by anime characters, belly dancer outfits, traditional Japanese kimonos, etc., providing a non-mainstream cultural feel.

Additionally, shoes, accessories, and other changeable items can enhance the doll’s appearance. Shoes can be matched according to the style of clothing, and their size generally corresponds to the height of a real person. Accessories play a finishing touch role, such as hats, headgear, hair clips, rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets, pins, badges, ties, socks, temporary tattoos, props, and more.

In conclusion, creating a unique sex doll involves personalizing elements such as hairstyle, eyes, facial makeup, and clothing. Each of these aspects contributes to the overall character and individuality of the sex doll.