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How to Improve Your Experience With Sex Dolls

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Have you been searching for the perfect lifelike sex doll ? Well, you’re in luck because you’ve finally found her. She’s got the face and body you’ve always desired, incredibly realistic. Now, you want to get to know your doll better and enjoy a fulfilling sexual relationship with her, right? But why does she still feel like a stranger to you? How can you get closer to her? These questions are entirely normal for first-time buyers. Just think, when you meet a person for the first time, you can’t expect to know them right away; it takes some time to get acquainted. The same logic applies to sex dolls.

Sex dolls may not talk, but they are an otherworldly representation of a woman in your presence, leading to some awkward moments. The question is, can you open up to your doll companion, overcoming shyness? Today, we’ll explore seven tips to help you get to know your sex doll better and feel more comfortable enjoying your beloved companion.

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Give Your TPE Doll a Name and a Unique Identity

In fact, when we meet new friends, our names are usually one of the first pieces of information we share about ourselves. It’s often one of the first markers of our identity that others learn.

By giving your beloved doll a name, you’re giving her personality and life. Naming her is the first step to getting closer to her, and you should do this before she arrives. Your sex doll is not just incredibly beautiful, with long legs, a slim waist, ample bust, slender shoulders, and a petite face. She can be your lover, girlfriend, or even your wife, but most importantly, she’s your companion. In the future, you can imagine a combination of silicone dolls with artificial intelligence, creating a sex doll that can communicate smoothly with you and do everything a human can.

Spend More Time with Your Doll and Share Your Feelings

In fact, spending more time with your love doll will make you more comfortable with her. When you first interact with your doll, you might feel shy and awkward. We suggest you talk to your doll partner more about yourself, sharing details about your life, hobbies, and sexual preferences. Once she knows you better, the sexual experience will become truly amazing.

Remember, she’s not just your sexual partner; she’s also a great listener, and anything you tell her will remain confidential. The best part? If you have an AI doll, she’ll enjoy watching football with you and laughing at your jokes. If no one in your life understands you, she’ll be the one who’s always there for you, expecting nothing in return.

Dress Your Doll in Various Beautiful Outfits and Lingerie

Dressing their sex dolls not only makes them look more beautiful but also brings joy to the owners. Store owners have also informed us that buying doll clothing, makeup, and cleaning their bodies are great ways to understand your doll’s style and give her different personalities.

Some people even enjoy taking pictures of their dolls and sharing them with fellow sex doll enthusiasts online. She can be a nurse, a schoolgirl, a sexy stripper, and more. Different styles bring different roles, so you’re not just dating one girl; you’re dating a multitude of characters at the same time.

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Take Care of Your Doll Like You Would a Real Person

With proper maintenance and care, silicone or TPE sex doll can last at least 10 years or longer. Avoid rough handling and leaving her lying on the floor for extended periods. Treat your doll gently, and she’ll become your best investment, always there for you.

More Foreplay, Add Some Spice from Time to Time

We’re human, always seeking new and exciting things to stimulate our senses. Doing the same thing over and over, even if it’s incredibly sexy, can become boring and even ruin the sexy part. If you want to keep the fire alive, you can make things interesting with foreplay, watching sensual videos on the internet, dim lighting, sexy lingerie, and some dirty talk.

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Use Condoms Properly

The first time, use a condom to protect both your sex doll and yourself. Additionally, condoms typically come with lubrication, making it easier to slide into your doll’s vagina or anus. Never share your doll with others, as this could lead to the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

With Age, Sex Gets Better

“Practice makes perfect.” In the first few days, you may find that your doll’s joints and other parts are somewhat stiff. However, after spending several nights with her, this stiffness will eventually disappear. If you think you can instantly hit it off with your new anime sex doll after just a few hours, you’re being too hasty.

Engaging in sexual activity or living with your doll is a whole new experience for you, and both you and your doll need some time to adapt. The more you practice, the more enjoyment you’ll gain. Meanwhile, your sexual skills will rapidly improve.

If you think a sex doll is just a masturbation toy, why not buy a vibrator directly? We shouldn’t just consider sex dolls as sexual toys; they are more about companionship and emotional support. They can be your fantasy girlfriend, share meals with you, sleep with you, go out with you, just like a real couple. If you want to have a better experience with your silicone doll, these tips will help you enjoy a better life with your doll.