How to Select Clothes for a 100cm Teen Sex Doll

Sex Doll Costumes: – As part of dressing up and customizing your sex dolls, no matter if it is an expensive sex doll or a Cheap Sex Doll, you have a variety of options, depending on the style and budget you want for the process. If you need a different costume, but you don’t have any real preference, you won’t spend as much time shopping like a fashion fanatic who wants to make them look as good as possible. Some people may like to try on different piercings, stockings, thongs, etc.

Choosing the right size: – One of the biggest problems, when you’re shopping for clothes for your sex doll, is finding something in the right size. Unlike real people, it’s not very practical to take your doll to the store and try it on. This means it’s crucial to know what size you need before you start. It is recommended to use full-size realistic dolls, this will simplify the problem as these are very similar in size to us and it will be easier to find the best and right size for a sex doll.

Where to Buy Sex Doll Clothes?

  1. Local brick-and-mortar stores: brick-and-mortar stores can get a real feel for the size and material of the clothes, and it is less likely to buy clothes that are not the right size, especially if the color difference. The disadvantage is that the price is expensive. Such stores are relatively few, the style of clothes will be less, not to mention the right size clothes. If your doll is small, like Teen Sex Doll. It will be much harder. Many stores offline don’t have many in stock.
  2. Online-store: this is more recommended, the style and size are richer, easier to find the clothes corresponding to your sex doll. And cheaper. Generally, specialize in selling dolls outlets, will set up a special section to sell clothes, accessories and so on. Should have everything, more convenient.