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How to Spice Up Your Sex Life with a Sex Toy Torso

For some people, they want to own a doll but they do not have the space or the money, so they choose a miniature model.

The mini dolls are very small and less expensive than full size dolls. Miniature models are easier to store, easier to travel with and more discreet in public places. They are also made from materials that are more durable than full-size sex dolls, which makes them much less likely to break at any time during their life span.

They can be customized with different faces, hair colors and styles as well as different body types not available on other sex toys such as skinny girls or curvy ladies!

TPE sex doll torso

TPE is a thermoplastic elastomer. It’s a mixture of plastic and silicone that has a soft, skin-like feel. It’s also durable and flexible—and, unlike silicone, not as expensive.

The main difference between TPE and silicone is that TPE has a higher rate of absorption (or “porosity”) than its silicone counterpart. This means that if you spill something on your doll head or torso, it will absorb the liquid more quickly than it would in a silicon toy (which would be less porous).

Cyberskin doll torso

Cyberskin sex toy torso is a realistic torso made of a polymers that have similar texture and feel to human skin. This option is very popular among the people who want to own a doll but they do not have the space or the money. This type of doll is also easy for storage because it can be folded up and stored away when not in use.

If you are looking for something more realistic, then this may be an option for you as well!

The torsos differ from the full dolls in many ways. Most of them are made of realistic silicone and TPE. Others are made of Cyberskin, a blend of polymers that have similar texture and feel to human skin.

Silicone torsos are more expensive than TPE torsos but they tend to be more realistic in terms of their shape and appearance as well as being easier to clean since they’re nonporous. In addition, since silicone is such a durable material it’ll last much longer than TPE which can dry out over time or become sticky if not properly taken care of (usually by washing with warm water or using a toy cleaner).