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How to Take Care of Your Sex Doll?

Even if it is not a living being, you should know that the sex doll represents an important investment. So, by taking good care of your doll, you will extend its life considerably. Here are some tips and tricks to take the best care of your sex doll!

Section: Clean it with a damp cloth before and after sex.

Clean it with a damp cloth before and after sex.

The dolls are made of silicone, which is a porous material. The dolls should be washed with warm water and mild soap before and after each use. Be sure to dry the doll completely before storing, otherwise mold may form inside your doll’s body!

Do not boil or put in the dishwasher!

Do not store your doll in high temperatures (like in the bathroom) as this could damage its internal structure over time. And don’t forget: Never boil your doll or put it in the dishwasher! Even though silicone is durable, if you expose it to extreme heat for long periods of time, you risk ruining yourself AND your new best friend forever…

Section: Lightly dust your doll with talcum powder to keep her skin soft, supple and less sticky.

To keep your doll’s skin soft and supple, lightly dust it with talcum powder. Talcum powder is used to make the skin less sticky and smoother.

Section: Store your doll in its original box or in a storage bag when not in use.

The best way to store your doll is in its original box. This prevents dust from collecting on it and protects it from damage if you accidentally bump it against something. If you don’t have the original box, you can also use a storage bag or simply wrap your doll in a towel or blanket.

The best place to store your doll is in a cool, dry place. Avoid exposing your doll to direct sunlight, as the body material may discolor and wear out faster than normal. Heat sources such as radiators can also cause damage, so be sure to keep it away from any heat source! The same goes for sharp objects such as needles, pins, scissors, etc., as they can damage the doll’s skin and make it less attractive over time (especially if used frequently).

Section: Take it out of its packaging, slowly and carefully.

When you are ready to take your doll out of its packaging, open it slowly and carefully with a knife. It is best to use an X-acto blade or something similar, as this will make it easier to cut the plastic without damaging your TPE sex doll. If the plastic still doesn’t come off easily after this, try using a sharp pair of scissors!

Once you have removed the outer wrapping (also known as bagging), remove any tape that may be holding down the flaps or other parts of the outfit, such as shoes or gloves. If there are seams in their clothing that need to be sewn up later (which is rare), be careful not to tear them when removing the tags around the arms or feet; it’s important to remove these tags gently so they don’t get damaged when worn later!

Section: Do not pull on your doll’s body parts and do not hit it hard, as you may break body parts!

Do not pull on the doll’s body parts.

Do not hit it hard, as you may break body parts!

Do not use sharp objects on the doll.

Do not leave the doll in extreme temperatures.

Do not leave the doll in the sun for long periods of time.

To remember: Sex dolls are a great investment for those who can afford them.

While the initial investment in a sex doll may seem large, keep in mind that you will be able to use it for years to come. It is always possible to buy a new doll later if you want or need to, and some people sell old dolls as well. If you’re still unsure whether buying a sex doll is right for you, think about how much money and time you’d save by buying a doll instead of finding another sex partner.

For example: Let’s say your partner wants to go out with his friends every Friday night at 8pm. That means he’ll be gone until midnight or 1 a.m. every night of the week – which adds up quickly! If he spends $100 a month on drinks with his friends (and maybe even tips), he’s spent $1,200 a year just on his drinking buddies! Add to that other expenses like flowers, movies, etc., and it’s easy to see how much money could be saved by simply having someone around 24/7 without having to worry about things like “How many times are they going to cheat on me? The same reasoning applies when comparing renting an apartment to buying an apartment: The rent payment may seem small now, but it adds up over time because it saves hours of arguing with landlords about repairs that never get made, not to mention the savings from not having to make mortgage payments!

You can also make your doll more realistic by adding a few accessories, like wigs, jewelry and makeup. And if you want to go even further, we suggest investing in a storage bag for her! That way, she’ll be safe from any damage during shipping or storage.

It’s important to note that these tips don’t just apply to new sex dolls, but also to used ones! Make sure they come with all their paperwork (to prove their authenticity) and have been thoroughly cleaned before using them or buying them online or in person.

We hope this article has been helpful and informative! If you have any questions about your doll or how to care for it, leave us a comment below.