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How to Tell if a Sex Doll Site is Reliable

the number of brands of dutch wives for sale, if there are only a few brands for sale then it is probably part of a scam. A normal store will cover a larger variety of love dolls, such as WMDOLL, Dollhouse168, AXB DOLL, and other high-end brands.

Whether there is contact information and timeliness of customer support response.

Clarity of website photos and completeness of policies, professionalism of the website are very important to sex doll scam references.

Take the time to read reviews, comments, and suggestions from sex doll torso buyers before you buy. Real customer reviews always help in decision-making. Of course, you cannot guarantee that every store has satisfied customers and there will always be bad reviews. Scammers use massive manipulation tactics to buy fake reviews and remove legitimate reviews. This requires you to carefully eliminate scams.

Make sure your payment method is complete. Payment type and security are also important references to identify fraud.

The doll’s manufacturing and shipping time. A normal love doll takes about 10 days to complete. However, for high-end silicone dolls, it takes about 30 days.

Price of the real doll. In the case of scammers, they make low-priced dolls, so the prices of the mini sex doll sold will be lower than the prices in the industry stores.

There are many ways to identify a scam. When shopping online, you can identify scams by referring to different normal shopping experiences. To prevent scams, we should opt for more formal stores for shopping.

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