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How To Use A Sex Doll

Blonde Sex Doll

————————————Beginner's Guide————————————

You must believe that buying sex dolls is the right choice。

If you just received a lifelike sex dolls, a huge box of about 80 pounds,

Stay excited…

You will have a lot of time with her, so first of all, first take her out of the packaging carefully so as not to damage any inch of her beautiful body.

Step 1: Open the boxLifelike Sex Dolls

Sex Doll

The packaging box for shipping sex dolls is usually very large, so you need to unpack it in a larger place

The tools you need are paper cutters and scissors, but don’t insert them deeply, you can only cut open the packaging and the tape on the box.

Step 2. Take out your love doll

Open the box, you will see that the doll will be covered by foam, and her whole body will be wrapped in foam.

Once you start to take out the doll, you will notice that there will be another foam-wrapped package on the doll’s body.

You must be especially careful with this toy because it is the head of a doll

Step 3. Remove air bubbles

To remove foam, please be careful

Because any friction may deteriorate your doll.

You can put the other accessories that came with the box aside

Step 4. Install Your Doll’s Head

Please install the head carefully, and then put on the wig


Your Realistic Sex Doll is ready to use.