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How to Use 100cm Sex Doll

When you buy a 100cm sex doll, don’t you want to enjoy it in various ways? Although dolls are often thought of as dolls for sexual intercourse, there are many other ways to use them. So here are some of the ways to use dolls that have been introduced on the Internet.

Enjoying sex
The most common use of love dolls is for sexual intercourse. There are many people who are hand-wrestlers, usually with their own hands. If you are bored with this, or if you feel bored, you may want to try using a love doll. You can enjoy caressing and kissing your big booty sex doll in a way that is different from your conventional masturbation life. Since love dolls were originally made to be used for sex, they can give you sexual excitement and pleasure that you cannot feel with normal masturbation. It has a realistic vagina that can be compared to a real woman. You can insert it into your body and feel as if you are really having sex.

Love dolls are made from TPE and silicone. They all have a texture that is as close as possible to human skin. This makes it feel as if you are actually holding a woman. In addition to the vaginal area, there is also a mouth and anus. This means that you can enjoy not only simulated sex, but also oral sex, anal fucking, and many other ways. After the act or when you are not having sex, you can use it as a pillow to sleep with. You can also use it to sleep with a woman after the act or when you are not having sex.

Setting up a masturbator

If you look at love dolls, you will see that some come with a masturbator as an integral part, while others come with a separate masturbator. In the latter case, you will need to purchase a separate masturbator. Then, set up the masturbator in such a way that it feels like it covers the part corresponding to the female genitalia. If you do not make these preparations properly, you will be forced to stop playing. If you don’t do this, you will have to interrupt your play, and the excitement you have built up will be lost.

The type of masturbator that can be used depends on the product.

If you are looking for a masturbator that can be attached to a masturbator, make sure you know what kind of item it is compatible with before you buy it. Some of you may have a favorite masturbator that you usually use and want to use with your real sex doll. In that case, you should see if the masturbator you want to use can be set up. If you are not particularly picky, you can try using several types. If you are not particular about the type of masturbator you want to use, you can try using several masturbators and use the one that feels the best as your regular masturbator.