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First, when this article: came into my eyes, I am curious. After reading this article, I would say it is irresponsible.

what do we call a scam?

All the things on the website and emails are telling the truth. He didn’t buy a doll from us, which means he didn’t lose his money either.

Plus, the illegal thing, I always make sure that if there are risks for buyers, if it has, I will tell buyers not to buy and cancel the order. Why? Because nothing is more important than safety. You can check from one of my random emails. We are aiming to do long-term business. It is an online business, everyone can doubt based on anything. If you don’t trust us, simply don’t buy from us. no need to slander.

There are many legal and illegal comments online, and it is mainly about mini sex dolls, our old customers would know, that mini sex dolls on are really cheap, if there is a risk for buyers, do you think seller and logistics will get away with it? Then you underestimate the police. No need for a huge risk just selling really cheap dolls.

for the email, I do find the email. it is funny, he did his work. Although It is subjective. Better than other scammer detective websites. These websites seem didn’t do anything. And give a really low score to us.

it actually answered all questions. We produce the doll that answered the brand question. Maybe it seems too templatized. That is because we answer a lot of similar questions. When I read the emails, I can immediately find the answers to them. But no lies.

We sell brand sex dolls and produce some of the sex dolls ourselves. If you don’t see which brand the doll is, we produced it.

you can check brands here:

Many sex dolls are expensive, not everyone is rich. They also want their own sex dolls. Under the premise of quality assurance, we are committed to making sex dolls that most people can afford it. If there is only one buyer who can see that, it is enough. I had terrible insomnia the day before I saw this email. It was the morning, he lighted up my whole day. Many people are biased against Chinese sellers. is one of them. People don’t like you in the first place, and it may happen that they will dislike you forever no matter what things you do or say. Every country has dishonest sellers. Not just China. And vice versa. Still, there are good sellers everywhere. Buyers are victims, why not good sellers?