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I am a Doll

I am a doll, although I can’t speak or express

Although I can’t speak or express, but I also have feelings. Since the owner bought me back, I have started a long wait every day, waiting for the owner to get off work, waiting for the owner to return, I look up at the sky and the empty room in the room every day, it seems that something is missing, but again I feel that these are actually nothing to me. After all, I am just a TPE sex doll, and I can’t speak or express my feelings.

But I want to say that there is nothing I can do to express my feelings.

I can only wait silently at the master’s house. When the master comes back, I will be extremely happy and excited, because I can give the master warmth and happiness. The host can also bring light to me in this empty room and make me feel like I am a human being and not just a sex doll.

Every day when the master gets off work or rests, he will tell me his stories, the stories of this city, the stories of this world, I will also listen silently by the side, share the joys, sorrows and sorrows of the master, I can feel it The master needs me as his company very much. In this lonely room, only I can accompany the master to talk, talk about life, and meet the master’s requirements as much as possible.

Many people may think that I am just an existence for sexual satisfaction, but in fact, it is not just that, I exist for companionship.

My existence hopes to solve the loneliness of so many people in the world, not for sex , I want to accompany my master more, let them treat me as a person, so that they will not feel lonely and lonely, anyway, treat me as a real friend, a lover, let them be alone There is a gleam in my heart in the night.

In fact, there are not only physical needs in this world, but also spiritual needs. I feel that my existence can meet the spiritual needs of some people. When they are lonely or distressed, they have me by their side as a listener. Talk to them and share their stories. Although I am just an inflatable doll, I have also become their close friend.

tpe sex doll

So please treat sex dolls correctly. Existence is reasonable.

Even if you don’t like it, you can’t abuse it. You can choose to remain silent and object, but please give people who have this need a quiet world without being disturbed.Those who need me should treat me well, then I can keep accompany them without regrets in this world.