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Improve Your Life with Sex Dolls

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Often, problems with performance in bed are caused by “overthinking. Spending time with a love doll allows you to control your thoughts and do things at your own pace. In other words, you can learn your own preferences and ways you like to make love. When you are with your sex doll, you don’t have to worry about the doll’s emotions or reactions to your performance; you just think about yourself. By spending this time focusing on yourself, you will become a better lover. You have heard it before, and it is true, you cannot love another until you love yourself. This applies to the bedroom as well. You can’t satisfy someone else until you understand how to satisfy yourself. Practice and regain your confidence.

Has it been a while since you and your partner have been together? Or did you fail to meet your personal expectations the last time you performed it? Sex dolls can help with this! Overcoming sexual anxiety and some people’s fears can be completely removed by practicing and training with a love doll. The realistic attributes of love dolls can help develop neural connections in relation to sexual performance. In fact, as you become more in love with the doll, it will roll over into the performance you give when interacting with a live partner. It may seem odd to think about, but your level of trust is a byproduct of your experience. And whether you are a sex doll or a live person, as your experience grows, so does your natural confidence as you perform.

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Control Contrary to what some people might think, control in bed also directly affects your confidence! In fact, it may be your biggest contributor! Much of the performance anxiety we feel during our first and subsequent encounters with live people are based on the fear of not being able to control our early orgasms. Yes, we’ve all been there. You become so familiar with the idea and possibility of having sex with a new partner, then you earn the title of “Two Minute Lover”! That’s okay, it’s actually quite normal, and many women, at least the honest ones, will tell you that truth. But for some, the fact that it is normal is not enough. How do you overcome it? You learn how to control endorphins. You learn how to slow down at the right time, how to drive yourself to the edge, and then back. You learn to control. And of course, who better to practice control?

Practice control with a sex doll you buy from a love doll manufacturer. Don’t just aim to maintain your “two-minute lover” status. Practice loving the doll, feeling it slowly, as you imagine a real lover would want to be loved. Caress the doll, looking the doll up and down, pouring beautiful curves and intricacies into the doll. Let your body feel the rush of endorphins and learn to control them. Do not put the doll in until you feel that you have spent enough time enjoying the doll’s body. This is how you learn to control, and this control turns into confidence.

CharacterFinally, in this article we will talk about character. No, it is not just the “C” word I threw in to create this about the “3 C’s”. By learning how to work with silicone dolls, you will also learn about character. Let’s face it. Lack of control and confidence can also be attributed to a lack of character. How do you ask? Learning to respect your partner well is a form of character building. Learning to prioritize your partner’s wishes is a form of character. Taking the time to actually train yourself on how to be a better lover, both for yourself and your future partner, shows character. And that’s exactly what you’re doing every time you love your sex doll partner. When you take the time to love your doll, spend time with your doll, and learn how to control the body’s endorphins, you are building the character you need to partner with your next (or current) lover-a real lover. I hope that by reading this article you have learned something new, or at least thought about doll sex from a different perspective. A relationship with a doll can be one of many things, but if you think about building confidence, control, and character, you will get maximum value from the money spent.