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Ship immediately From CA,these dolls are in stock and we can deliver them quickly, These sex dolls will be sent out from California, the USA, It saves production time and overseas shipping time, So you will be reunited with your dolls immediately

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  • 100CM(3.28ft) Best TPE E-Cup DollMesedoll D10002 01
  • 100CM(3.28ft) Best Teen E-Cup Small Sex DollMesedoll D10003 04
  • 158CM D-Cup Teen Love DollMesedoll D10012 10
  • 161cm Realistic Sex Doll-Stock In USASY 161134LT 01 1
  • 160cm Realistic Sex Doll-Stock In USASY 160205 01
  • 163CM Big Tits Sex Doll H-CUPWMDoll D01008 30
  • 128CM(4.20ft) Teen Love Doll 🔥Hot🔥OV2W0022 0
  • 100CM(3.28ft) Best Teen Sex DollOV3149CF 00
  • 157CM TPE Realistic Sex Doll-Stock In USAstock OV314 01
  • 157CM TPE Lifelike Love Doll-Stock In USAstock OV3139BZ 01
  • 161CM(5.28ft) TPE Lifelike Sex Doll-Stock In USAstock OV3132 06
  • 166CM Lifelike TPE Love Doll-Stock In USAstock OV3174HF 01
  • 158CM TPE Sex Doll-Stock In USAstock OV2W0023 01
  • Out Of Stock
    167CM Best Lifelike TPE Sex Doll-Stock In USAstock OV3167cm68 01
  • 128CM Teen Flat Chested Love DollMesedoll D10009 01
  • 163CM Big Tits Sex Dolls Stock In USAWMDoll D01011 32
  • 125CM Teen Realistic TPE Love Doll-Stock In USAal dolls OV4125CM DOLL 3 01
  • BBW Sex Doll
  • Blonde busty sex doll
  • Lifelike Sex Dolls
  • 158CM Big Tits Best H-Cup TPE Love DollIrontechdoll D04111 11
  • 159CM TPE Big Tits Best H-Cup Love DollIrontechdoll D04121 01
  • 3D Big Ass 9kg/19lb Sex Doll Torso Masturber-Stock In USAOV435CMBUTT 11
  • Seductive love doll
  • 8.7in/7.28in Hands-Free Dildo-Stock In USAOV5BWYH1 01
  • 158CM TPE Best C-Cup Love Doll-Stock In USAOV5CR158C088 T 13
  • 108CM TPE Big Breasts Love Doll-Stock In USAOV1AL004 01
  • 155CM TPE Best Small Breast Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV1AL012 01
  • 155CM TPE Best Small Breast Love Doll-Stock In USAOV1AL013 01
  • 100CM(3.28ft) Best Teen Sex DollOV1AM001 07
  • 158CM D-Cup Huge Tits Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV8C158BF 01
  • 140CM E-Cup Huge Tits Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV8 C140GF 04
  • 165CM E-Cup Huge Tits Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV8C165BF 01
  • 3D TPE Sex Doll Torso-Stock In USAOV24A1 Medium 09
  • Sex Doll Body TPE Torso-Stock In USAOV24T4 Natural 01
  • 163CM TPE BBW Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV3 163G138 04
  • 148CM B-Cup Real Life Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV1AL014 01
  • 128CM(4.20ft) Flat Chested Sex DollOV3 128H 14
  • 128CM(4.20ft) Teen Love Doll 🔥Hot🔥OV3 145187 0
  • 152CM H-Cup BBW Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV3 15263 12
  • 157CM C-Cup BBW Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV3 157139JF 16
  • 100CM Teen Sex DollOV3 100CTH 02
  • 100CM E-Cup Teen Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV3 100JNF 01
  • 160CM C-Cup Huge Tits Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV3 160B210 19
  • 161CM E-Cup Huge Tits Sex Doll-Stock In USAOV3 161250 12
  • 164CM E-Cup Huge Tits Sex Doll-Stock In USAV3 164218 14

In-Stock Dolls Mean Immediate Satisfaction

When you order an in-stock sex doll, there’s no waiting for production and overseas shipping. These ready-made dolls can be delivered right to your door, so you’re reunited with your new companion as quickly as possible. Especially for those eager to begin enjoying their dolls, in-stock options mean fantasy fulfillment without delay.

Faster Production and Delivery

In-stock dolls have already been crafted, so they can immediately be picked, packed and shipped once purchased. This saves the time required to customize, produce and deliver a new doll. For dolls from abroad, production and shipping alone can take 3 weeks. With in-stock options from California, your doll could be in your arms within a couple of days of placing your order.

While many love the process of customizing a doll’s features, others value prompt delivery and maximum playtime with their new companion. Our selection of sex doll – USA in stock satisfies customers on both ends of the spectrum. Whether seeking a fantasy come to life or immediate intimate adventure, in-stock dolls are ready to ship and sure to please right away!

For fantasy fulfillment without delay, you can’t go wrong choosing a sex doll – USA in stock. Let your imagination run wild – your perfect doll could ship within 24 to 48 hours and be in your eager arms before you know it! Our in-stock cheap sex doll prove that pleasure, like love, just can’t wait.