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Lars and the Real Girl

But making realistic sex dolls more and more like people can give people the feeling of companionship?
In the final analysis, people can only tell their own stories. Even in the face of silicone dolls, it is themselves who are finally replaced.

As Hellinger said, “you have to find the right person” is a paradox in itself, because who you marry and who you live with, you have to face in the end.

Lars and the Real Girl

In the movie “Lars and the Real Girl”, Lars, a lonely single otaku, often feels lonely and helpless, even if the people around him, including his brother and sister-in-law, care for him. One day he made a custom inflatable doll, Beyonca, from a toy company, and took her to family gatherings, eating together, sleeping together, and going to church together.

Everyone around felt that Lars was mentally abnormal. Beyonca was the inner Lars. He created a life experience similar to his own for her, took her to the place where he played when he was a child, and expressed his thoughts and feelings through dialogue with her. , gave her all the love that was carried nowhere.

The brother and sister-in-law consulted the doctor Dagmar specifically for this. The doctor believed that Lars’ symptoms were a hallucination, and the best treatment was to make the best of the situation. So people in the town have changed their attitude towards him, tolerated and understood him, and treated the inflatable doll Beyonca as a real person. Later, until he admits Beyonca’s death, Lars finally opens his heart on behalf of that rejection of reality.
Stills of the movie “Lars and the Real Girl”

Although the real world does not have the kind of fairy tale town where Lars lives, for the doll’s owners, “raising a baby” as a company is just a way of life.

There are always people who think that raising silicone dolls is perverted, while others say that it is a fetish, but it is actually more of an empathic behavior. If you look at it leniently, isn’t this just raising frogs, but the models are different. You raise frogs, you talk to Siri, you post on Moments and delete them every day. Who is it for?

Most people look at silicone dolls and look at these “weird” “children” people with tinted glasses, but fail to see that they tend to be more forgiving and sincere. Normality is the kindest yoke, and freedom is the way against countless yokes.