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Living With 3 Love Dolls

In a dimly lit room late at night, with my beloved love doll by my side, I must confess that I am an enormous fan. I simply can’t get enough of her. I live with three TPE sex dolls, each providing a unique and fulfilling experience.

The jelly breasts pillow brings me immense pleasure and a sense of tranquility. Embracing it feels absolutely amazing.

I wonder if many others share the same opinion as me? Allow me to delve into the details.

Is it pleasurable to hold a love doll at night?

TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) realistic dolls can feel slightly cool and chilly, depending on the season and temperature. However, when I warm her with my body heat or use an electric blanket to cozy her up before snuggling together, it creates an incredibly satisfying and wonderful sensation.

Realistic dolls truly resemble actual people, especially in the dimly lit room. Their flexible bodies allow for various seductive poses. Whether from the front or from behind, they exhibit alluring and mesmerizing beauty, igniting my passion.

Sometimes, unexpectedly, it leads to unplanned intimate moments, and as I revel in the pleasant exhaustion, it lulls me into a peaceful sleep.

Waking up to the love doll’s face right next to me was a bit unsettling.
At daybreak, I would open my eyes to her gaze. It was undeniably unsettling. To address this, I purchased a separate head with closed eyes and started changing it before going to bed. Now, even when I wake up, mini sex doll still appears to be peacefully asleep. Her closed eyes offer me a small source of comfort.

Teen Sex Doll
Close-eyed small-waisted sex doll

As a makeshift solution, covering her eyes with hair may also be a temporary option. Using a wig with long bangs to conceal the doll’s large eyes can be a viable alternative. This, too, has proven to be a clever solution!

Other suggestions regarding realistic dolls

From my personal experience, sharing a bed with a love doll for the first time felt somewhat strange and intriguing. However, by experimenting with different poses, warming techniques, concealing the eyes, and trying closed-eye faces, I gradually found my own comfortable and enjoyable sleeping environment. I encourage you to indulge in the playful moments with your love doll in the midnight hours!

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