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Midget Sex Dolls-100cm, 108cm and 128cm Meme Midget

Sellers all around the world try to produce new products. So do sex dolls. After mini sex dolls, now we add midget sex dolls. Mini sex dolls are child look sex dolls, and they can be classified by age. However, Midget sex dolls, are short, like dwarfs, but not about age. It is all about height. Their looks are women alike. Their price generally is over $1000. But we try our best to cut down the cost. Here are 3 gorgeous ones we would highly recommend. We will list by height as below.

100CM Huge Sexy Breast Big Tits Sex Doll – AibeiDoll

Midget Sex Dolls-100cm, 108cm and 128cm Meme Midgetimage 9

Many of our customers love huge boobs, then this will be a great one for you. Just looking at the picture, makes people drool. Let alone touch and crab them. And it is not a child look. There are still men looking for women’s look dolls. She is not a fat one, just huge breasts. With classic curly blonde hair, it looks like an American dream girl. She is only 3.28ft. You can easily put her juicy pussy slit in your face. And get your knees down in front of her. Enjoying her smile face, look, she is encouraging you that she wants more, and don’t stop. Twist your tough, show her what you get.

She’s made of high-quality TPE, her skin is soft and realistic, and she comes with a fully integrated skeleton. Her incredibly soft skin is a major plus, and you can’t get rid of it once you touch it. The next game is on, would you like to join her? She’s very attractive, as are her juicy holes. She hasn’t got a name yet. Why not take her home and call her by your name?

If you like photo shooting, try to place her somewhere creative, a different angle can give you a unique view of her and see her in a totally different beauty. You see our leading picture of her. We placed her on a toilet, and she perfectly fits in. With a hand to hold her body, she looks smoky and hot. This photo easily draws attention to her breasts. It makes people fantasize about touching her and squeezeing those juicy boobs…

Ah, you are wondering what the price is. I can tell you now, less than $1000. yeah, you are not wrong. And great quality as you see.

Alright, let’s move on to our second midget baby!

108cm Chubby Huge Tits Sex Doll -aibei Doll

Midget Sex Dolls-100cm, 108cm and 128cm Meme Midgetimage 12

When I first looked at this picture, wow, and em. Haha, I thought it is beautiful but what a pity, she doesn’t have full legs. However, it is my fault, It has legs. It must be my occupational disease. I see a lot of torsos like this. But luckily, this one has beautiful legs.

Let’s have a close look at her.

Dedicate eyebrow✔️

red lips✔️

long eye lashes✔️

fashion makeup ✔️

smoky huge boobs ✔️

cute Belly button ✔️

short height ✔️

french fingernails ✔️

slim waist ✔️

skin color tone ✔️

everything is ready. Clearly, she is ready to serve her master. Would it be you?

last but not least, let’s welcome our 128cm midget sex doll

128CM Teen Big Tits I-Cup TPE Love Doll

Midget Sex Dolls-100cm, 108cm and 128cm Meme Midgetimage 13

I have to admit, this one is not so 100% midget style. It is a mixed one. Someone saw her as a childish face. Some don’t. I just love it both ways. Suit yourself.

Her boobs are round. So it can bring you more taste, after those shapes above, maybe you want to taste something different?

BTY, sex dolls payments are not stable. I would recommend you use PayPal offline transfer payment. You can always ask me for factory pictures, don’t hesitate. Find me at Phone call:(989)778-4519

If I miss your call, no worry, I will call you back.

If you see sex dolls at other places, but you can’t find them in ours. Send the pictures to me and I will check for you.