Mini Sex Doll Reflects One Of Human Nature

In fact, no matter what the body looks of the mini sex doll is people like, it is reasonable to say that the height of 140-155 cm, 50-70 pounds of the doll to play the most convenient, but 1 m 7, 140 pounds of black dolls also have a candidate, and are also relatively short-looking men themselves. Men also do not all like big breasts, I bought a micro-breast, slender doll, the choice of many people.

Many customers told me that the doll is too heavy, touching, and real unlike, but even so, the store is still not short of business, why? Because when a person’s sexual needs are desperately needed to be met, is hungry for food. So our repeat customers here are 80% of the factory brother, they come to me in addition to this, there is no other way to better solve the sexual needs.

White-collar workers are generally curious to experience, rarely will come a second time. There are girlfriends who let their boyfriends come and sit down and wait for him. Nearby in the herb business, the wife is pregnant, acquiescing to the husband to come 2-3 times a month, the man is also very honest, the child was born and did not come.

There are also rich people who come to play with a 100cm sex doll. I have seen a young man of 23 or 24 years old, a brand-name, each time a mask, a duck-tongue cap standard, especially from Beijing to fly over to play dolls, but also played twice. Although he did not talk to him, a trip to the road will take three or four hours, which has to have a lot of power ah.

There is a cardboard factory owner who came in a Maybach. The moment he arrived, the attitude was different, people still in the car shouted at the store: “Find a place to park me!” The 50-year-old man, with a strong sense of family, came down after 20 minutes of playing and told me, “This still feels very general,” but also came twice. He said he did not dare to go out to find a mistress, will break the family. I guess the 300 people in the plant may have his wife’s credit.

Sex is in the gray area of human nature

This line of work can be exposed to the dark side of many people.

Some customers use me as a vent house. The clerk went in to clean the body of the doll, found the doll with a blanket covered tightly, though it was a quality customer, the results lifted a look, the breasts were cut with a blade a large part of the skeleton can not be cut, only broken. Think of a little horror. I prefer to think of them as curious or did not understand how to use the doll, so after the guests go in we will tell him which direction to break the joints of the doll, friendly tips “not too violent”.

There are also thieves. One customer came every time I lost a rechargeable battery, the last time we caught him, he immediately blushed, so I do not think he is a habitual thief, but rather greedy for cheap, want to play once the doll’s capital to steal back. The small horn on the doll has also been stolen, this horn will make gasping and moaning sounds, but this steals back is also useless, because the horn switch in the doll’s breasts.

Of course, it is not all negative. 99.9% of the guests will ask to change the sheets before using the cheap sex doll, the process will wear condoms, some will also bring their own sheets and condoms to show that people’s safety awareness is sufficient.

Food and sex, sex is a thing that does not need to be shy, I encourage guests to speak openly about their sexual needs, but can not deny that sex is in the gray area of human nature, there are some guests I will refuse.

I have had 4-5 minors, wearing school uniforms, shyly and timidly ask me “Uncle can I play with dolls?” I would reject them directly, telling them to “study more and learn more”. I don’t think I have the ability to guide them to understand sex correctly.

If the next store opens, I will try to solve the problem of “sex not sex” by limiting customers to once a week. My experience over the years has taught me that sex is good, but indulgence can ruin a person.