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Mini Sex Doll Vinyl Head Installation Guide

Mini Sex Doll Vinyl Head Installation Guide

A new batch of dolls with silicone body and vinyl head have been added to the store
Body is made of silicone. but their head is made of vinyl. That’s the point
of this blog – Vinyl head.Because some sex doll fans have not purchased dolls with vinyl heads, so today I will introduce the installationmethod of vinyl heads to you.

1.What we see on the picture are the doll’s silicone body, the dol’s vinyl head, the nut and the tool.

2.Pick up the tools around you, follow the suture line of the vinyl head, and use the principle of leverage to pry it

3.Reach in with your fingers and open the entire head completely

4.Find the nut and put it on the threaded rod neck of the doll

5.Turn the nut to the desired position. The number of turns of the nut determines the tightness of the doll’s head

6. Finally, cover the other half of the head as well, and turn it back to the original seam position

What is Vinyl?

Vinyl is a type of material made from polyethylene, and nowadays, it is commonly used in the production of toys. This material has a soft and elastic texture, making it pleasant to touch and play with. Additionally, vinyl possesses several distinct characteristics, including strength, corrosion resistance, and excellent water vapor diffusion properties.

Applications of Vinyl Casting

Given the properties of vinyl, it is primarily utilized to create various forms of vinyl toys, such as vinyl Barbies and underwater-themed toys. Due to its suitability for mass production, the market is flooded with an array of vinyl toys, capturing the attention of consumers. Generally, these toys are competitively priced and widely available.

Vinyl’s pliability and elasticity make it a popular choice for crafting toys of diverse shapes. Not only does it offer a certain degree of durability, but it also exhibits robust corrosion resistance and breathability, making it an excellent material for children’s toys. The cost-effective nature of producing vinyl toys in bulk contributes to their affordability, resulting in a diverse range of vinyl toy options flooding the market.