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My Real Experience Of Cheap Sex Dolls (1)

I bought mini sex dolls several years ago, I really enjoy them. I decided to share my story. Grant it mine may not be as hot to some, but to me it is very hot. Some readers might prefer stories with just sex. I prefer the ones which include an equal amount if not more of the romance. My story will have more romance and background included, which led to the sex. I have not had as many sexual relations as some, but my story does include incest, piss (play & drinking), bisexual (MM & FF), ATM, pussy & anal cream pie (eating & cleaning), outdoors, dogs and horses just to name a few. I thought I might want to write it down before I get older and start forgetting the past. Here is my story as I wrote in my journals and remember it. I just hope I do not jump around in my timeline too much because I have been known to when telling people stories. I will let you know I have referenced people and places without actually naming the people and places. I have also changed everyone’s names, but I want to let everyone know the name reference between my Husband, his Dad, and my Brother is real. There are many names that have a longer and shorter version of a name but the long version is pronounced completely differently than the shorter version of the name. IE: Bob and Robert, John and Jonathan, Pete and Peter, Tom and Thomas, Ben and Benjamin, Phil and Phillip, Matt and Mathew, Jim and James, Bill and William, etc., Mathew love sex doll torso very much. just to name a few. A lot of people will just automatically shorten the longer name to the shorter name-calling the person by the shorter name even if the person prefers to be addressed by their full name. I do not want to get into trouble because I used the correct name.

My name is Lynn and I am 5’ 1” with full C cup breasts, with just a little age sag, still a nice firm ass for a 63-year-old lady. We live on a working farm. Feeding the animals, moving feed bags, hay bales, pig halves, and all the other heavy lifting and work around the farm has kept me within a few pounds of the 91 pounds I was when I was 18. Mom always told me she thought since Jonathan and I have always lived on our farm and I had our four children before I was 22 is why my body bounced back so well. I still wear the same size jeans I wore as a senior in High School. The only time I have ever been over 96 pounds was when I was pregnant. I am still in fairly good shape, active and healthy which includes a very active sex life with my husband Jonathan and other family members. Normally Jonathan fucks me when we wake up, sometimes twice, then I get fucked at least three times during the day by one of our Sons, SILs, or Grandsons, then Jonathan will fuck me at least once before going to bed. Jonathan is 6’1”. When we met he weighed only 150 pounds and he has stayed within 20 pounds of when we met. The majority of his weight gain is due to daily workouts after he joined the Navy, plus all the manual labor working on the farm. There very much is in itself a huge romance about farm life, but it comes with a lot of manual labor. When we make love he calls me any of the pet names he has for me, but when we are having hard out sex he calls me a Nasty Little Fuck Bitch. Just hearing him call me Nasty Little Fuck Bitch gets me so horny thinking of all the nasty things we do, which always puts me over the edge. When we are fucking hard, he can get me to have multiple orgasms by talking dirty, telling me what a Nasty Little Fuck Bitch I am. The only decline Mom or I can see in Jonathan’s sexual performance is his cum loads are not as big as they were about 5 years ago. But the majority of this story is not about now, but when we were still teenagers just starting our sexual journey.