My Real Experience Of Cheap Sex Dolls(2)

It was January 1976, I was a young naive young lady who was very self-conscious about my wavy unruly hair and I was a virgin. My two older brothers are six and eight years older than I am. Because my Mom always wanted a daughter, then I came along after my parents quit trying to have children, she has always been really close to me. I had taken summer classes so I could graduate a year earlier than I would have. We lived in a small town just outside of Memphis, where my Dad’s practice was. Being in the Bible-Belt everyone I knew went to Church.

On the first day of school in January, a new boy transferred to my school joining our speech class. I immediately liked him, both in his looks and his personality. I have always had a thing for tall guys and Jonathan is tall. I asked him if he would like to join me and my friends for dinner (in the South dinner is at noon while supper is the evening meal). He accepted. So at dinner for the rest of the year, it was Jonathan, my four girlfriends, and I, every day sitting at the same table. I always tried to sit across from him so I could stare at his face looking into his beautiful green eyes. After I graduated I regretted I had not always tried to sit next to him to get as close as I could. I soon discovered he was a junior, but only two months younger than me. We became friends. Many times as we went to our National Forensics League tournaments around the Memphis area, Jonathan would drive his family’s car. I would always be one of the people who would ride with him. As time went on I learned he was originally from the same area, but after second grade his family had moved to Upstate New York to help start a new church up there. Every day the highlights of my day were Speech class and dinner because I would be able to talk to and be near Jonathan. I kept hinting but never told him directly I wanted him to ask me out.

And when I came home, I would have sex with my cheap sex doll. I would imagine the doll is him. Thanks to the tech today, the doll feels so real. I would lick to his face firstly, let my fingers touch the doll’s body from the face to the waist. It has much fun. A male sex doll is tougher than a female one. And it always comes with 6 packs, which Jonathan hasn’t. The cock is much like a real one, and it is removable, so I can change lots of sex positions as I want. I use it to get a lot of orgasms. I even stick the doll’s finger in my holes to imagine it was Jonathan to do the dirty things to me. I’d also shout at the doll, call him a porny name, which can give me a lot of sexual experience. Then I will ride onto the doll, fuck it so hard. After wild sex, I would clean it up, pour myself some milk. However, I can’t help but think about having real sex with Jonathan.

male sex doll

Our class was going to a tournament in Gatlinburg, so I came up with a plan to seduce Jonathan. I knew some of the other seniors would be bringing some liquor. I told Lisa my plan to get Jonathan, asking if she would help me. So on Saturday after all the competition I took a small sip of liquor to swish in my mouth then dabbed some on my neck and clothes. Lisa went to get Jonathan telling him I was drunk. She asked if he could help get me to my hotel room. Of course, he did. As we were walking back to my room, I pretended to pass out. Jonathan easily picked me up and carried me. Once we were in my room I woke up so Lisa left. I asked Jonathan to help me to my room’s balcony so I could get some fresh air. We sat on the balcony talking. In the meantime, it reminds me that the flat chested sex doll. Anyway, He was the perfect gentlemen who never tried anything. I told him I needed to go to bed and needed help changing. He said he would go find Lisa but I asked him to help me but just not look, even though I wanted him to. He helped me change into my pajamas without looking, put me in bed, and covered me up. I asked him to stay to watch over me in case I got sick and needed to throw up. Instead of lying on the bed with me as I planned he moved the recliner so he could watch me. He sat in the recliner watching me, while I watched him wishing he would get in bed with me, but I fell asleep. When I woke up he was sleeping in the recliner. Lisa later told me when she came back into our room to go to bed; Jonathan was asleep in the recliner so she just changed her clothes and went to sleep.

A few weeks after this, one of our classmates, Pat started dating Jonathan so I stopped hinting to him to try to get him to ask me out. Just before the end of the school year Pat and Jonathan stopped dating so I asked Pat about him. She informed me they had never really been girlfriend/boyfriend, but just friends. Jonathan had never even tried to kiss or even touch her, other than hold her hand. If I had not already had a date for the Senior Prom I would have gone and asked Jonathan to be my date. After Pat talked to me I got another one of my girlfriends to help me try to get Jonathan to ask me out. In speech class, the three of us were together when I started asking her about sex since she was already sexually active. Again I failed to get Jonathan to ask me out.