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Packaging Techniques for Shipping Sex Dolls

Many customers who buy sex dolls in HYDOLL will leave a message saying, please keep the delivery confidential, and don’t want others to know what they are buying. Today I will talk to you about how our dolls are packed.The shipment of sex dolls requires careful consideration to ensure discreetness, protection, and compliance with legal […]

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Choosing One-Piece or Detachable Sex Dolls

When it comes to sex dolls, you have the option of choosing between one-piece and detachable models. One-piece sex dolls are made of a single solid piece, providing a seamless and realistic appearance. They are generally more durable and easier to maintain. However, their weight and size can make storage and transportation more challenging. Detachable […]

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Do Sex Dolls Feel Real

HYDOLL has received feedback from many customers, some of whom find the experience feel good and realistic. Some people feel different than real people, and some people feel better than real people. Why is there such a big difference? According to HYDOLL customers, it’s all about personal sense of self and preferences. Some people prefer […]

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The Art of Crafting High-Quality Sex Dolls

Sex dolls, also known as love dolls or adult dolls, are realistic replicas of the human body designed to provide sexual pleasure. While sex dolls have been around for centuries, the modern sex doll industry has grown rapidly in recent years, with an increasing number of consumers interested in purchasing high-quality, lifelike dolls. The manufacturing […]

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This is a great sex doll store

Founded in 2016, Elovedolls is a high-end authentic realistic love doll retailer based in China, you can find a variety of real silicone sex dolls and realistic TPE love dolls on many pages of their website. Their dolls are meticulously sculpted, functional and affordable. More importantly, Elovedolls have its own factory and professional design team, focuses […]

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Erotic Massage: The Latest News

Sensual massages are a nice diversion, as well as a panacea for the couple. If you want a threesome, you can invite another mate, or you can use a sex doll to accompany you. We have said it many times: the massage relaxes the body and the mind, giving remarkable cues also to refresh the […]


What are the benefits of physical dolls?

https://www.hydoll.com/realistic-sex-doll The declining marriage rate and the rising number of people living alone are both products of the increasing social progress, the rising cost of living for young people, and marriage and romance have become high-cost items of expenditure, are no longer on the list of future plans. The value choice changes again and again, […]


The origin of sex torso dolls

In the mid-20th century, Japan sent personnel to Antarctica for the first time. The long-term abstinence of the expedition team members will affect their health, so the Japanese used public funds to develop a high-quality sex blow-up doll, named “Antarctic No. 1”, to meet the physiological needs of the Antarctic expedition team. Therefore, in the […]


The benefits of torso sex dolls

Although the torso doll does not have a complete body, it has all the sexual functions of a full body doll, which can bring you the ultimate sexual experience. She is lighter, easy to place and move, and is very affordable. Torso dolls are also easy to clean and organize, unlike full dolls, which need […]


The benefits of inflatable dolls

Inflatable dolls are mainly used to solve the physiological problems of sexual depression and asexual partners, and the benefits of using inflatable dolls. Owning inflatable dolls can effectively reduce the incidence of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. Relieve work pressure. Single men have a lot of work pressure. In particular, they lack the attention of […]

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Global Sexbots and Toy Sales Surge Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Are sex dolls real? It’s not difficult to see that the Coronavirus has completely changed our lifestyle. In actual fact, the attention is now shifting to developing new ways to enjoy the new normal. Different countries around the globe are tackling the disease in different ways, mostly according to the numbers reported. For example, Italy, […]

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A Robot Doll Android

We’re looking for robotic-inspired cosplay or android art which is more human, and a bit more robotic! It’s different from the actual appearance and feels that most doll lovers opt for however, it could assist us with an idea we’re working on. Thanks! sexual dolls for guys Thanks to the aid of these dolls sporting […]

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About Sex Doll Torso

A sex doll torso is a doll with a shape similar to that of a real woman, mainly for men to enjoy sex in a simulated way. It is a type of doll made for the same purpose called a sex doll, and refers to an expensive doll whose skin is made of silicone and […]

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Origin of The 100cm Sex Doll

During World War II, Hitler said that he wanted to ensure the purity of German blood and prevent soldiers from having relations with non-Aryan women. Another argument is that to prevent the spread of STDs in the German army, he ordered the design of a 100cm sex doll with female physiological structures to erase military […]

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Falling in Love with 100cm Sex Doll

Gone are the days when sex dolls were thought of only as tools for sexual gratification. The age of progress has further developed the channels of our thoughts and perceptions. These realistic sex dolls were able to become an important part of their owners’ lives. The equation between the sex doll owner and their love […]


The Reality of Male Sex Dolls

Did you know that the spread of covid-19 infection is affecting the sales of sex dolls? In a March 14 news report by CNN, German sex toy maker Womanizer reported that “sales in January and February exceeded expectations by 50 percent, with demand rising in Hong Kong, the United States, Canada, and Japan. The Los Angeles […]


The Newest High Tech AI/Robot Sex Doll Pros & Cons

AI develops rapidly. Everything involves with AI has a big difference. Like the sex doll industry, a normal sex doll has its own limitation in that they don’t have emotions. So with AI, a sex doll can have their feelings and react more. Even mimic the human voice, Mini Sex Doll will sound younger; while […]

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Unlike a few decades ago, there are numerous sex dolls now available on the market, all of which are designed differently to meet the ever-changing needs of the market. They are available in varying shapes and sizes, which allows you to choose the one you want, and most sex doll sellers […]

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Daily cleaning of sex doll wigs

How to clean these beautiful wigs is not easy. Which shampoo and conditioner should I use after washing? These are all the things players who buy mini sex doll want to know. Generally speaking, it is not difficult to clean a wig, especially if you know the right tools and information. Today, we will provide you with […]

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You Need to Know About Sex Dolls

Regardless of whether you have bought a sex doll, or you are planning to buy a cheap sex doll, you may be looking for all the information about sex dolls everywhere to provide a reference for your purchase decision.Being a sex doll owner is definitely a big decision. For this reason, it is important to make […]

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How to care for your Silicone Dolls

Proper care of your dolls is an extremely important part of silicone sex doll ownership.  By keeping your girl clean and undamaged you’ll keep yourself and your doll healthy, and you’ll extend her lifespan by years! Below is our guide to keeping your silicone dolls in top condition. As you know, under normal circumstances, sex […]