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Options for Sex Doll Bosoms

One of the appeals of sex dolls for many owners is their highly customizable bodies, especially the breasts. Sex doll companies offer a variety of breast types, shapes and sizes to suit any preference. Here are the most common categories of sex doll boobs.

Natural Looking Breasts

For those seeking realism,dolls can be equipped with high-quality, naturally-shaped breasts made of silicone or thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). These materials closely imitate the softness, weight, jiggle and warmth of real breasts. Sizes range from flat chested to voluptuous. Many doll owners find natural-looking breasts the most desirable and lifelike.

Jim, a long time doll owner, says “I like natural breasts because when I touch them it feels the most like being with a real woman. I can grab, caress and squeeze Scarlett’s breasts and it’s euphoric.” For Jim, naturalistic quality is the top priority in crafting his ideal companion.

most realistic sex doll

Fantasy Breasts

Some silicone dolls owners prefer highly exaggerated or fantasy breasts. These include options like:

Oversized Breasts

For those seeking an ultra-busty figure, breast sizes can range up to an O cup and beyond. However, fantastically large breasts may limit the poses and clothing options for dolls. Mike, a doll enthusiast says “I’ve always been attracted to women with really big boobs so I customized my TPE sex doll Angelina to have the biggest set of tits possible. They’re so huge I can barely wrap my arms around them and I love it!” For Mike, breast size is clearly the most important feature.

Anime Breasts

Inspired by Japanese anime, these dolls have disproportionately large, round breasts for their body size. Anime dolls aim for an exaggerated, cartoonish look rather than realism. Peter owns several anime-style dolls and says “I’ve been fascinated by anime since I was a kid. The crazy big boobs you see in some anime porn are so over the top sexy to me. My dolls let me live out those fantasies in real ‘life’.”

anime sex doll

Fetish Breasts

Doll companies offer breasts customized for specific fetishes like lactation, nipple enlargement or bondage. These fantasy dolls cater to niche interests and kinks. For those doll owners, the breasts are a means to explore very particular sexual interests that would be difficult to experience otherwise.

Interchangeable Breasts

For variety, some dolls offer interchangeable breasts that can be swapped out by the owner. This allows experimenting with different breast types, sizes and shapes using the same doll body. Interchangeable breasts are held in place with an internal bra or straps under the arms for easy on and off.

This unique option provides doll owners with numerous breast-related fantasies and possibilities all in one mini sex doll . Tim has a high-end doll with interchangeable breasts and says “Being able swap Scarlett’s breasts completely changes our experience together. I can fulfill any mood or urge I have without needing multiple dolls. It’s really the best of all worlds.” For Tim, interchangeable breasts give him the freedom to explore his desires in an affordable and convenient way.

With continued advances in customization and realism, they provide an outlet for intimacy and creativity that more closely resembles a human partner. For doll owners, selecting the perfect pair of breasts is an important part of crafting their ideal artificial lover.