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Origin of The 100cm Sex Doll

During World War II, Hitler said that he wanted to ensure the purity of German blood and prevent soldiers from having relations with non-Aryan women.

Another argument is that to prevent the spread of STDs in the German army, he ordered the design of a 100cm sex doll with female physiological structures to erase military lust. Whether this is true or not, the enlightenment of the sex love doll is in Germany.

The Japanese carried over the love doll; at the beginning of the 20th century, Japan sent people to explore Antarctica for the first time. The government was worried that the expedition members’ prolonged abstinence would affect their health, so they developed a high-quality mini sex doll at public expense.

With the advent of 3D scanning of love dolls and models, the quality and reliability of love dolls have been greatly improved. In addition, many efforts have been made by love doll designers to help the majority of men resolve their sexual desires in a more appropriate way, even in the most important areas. Soft silicone is used in places such as the vagina, rear coats, and is designed to resemble the famous device, truly restoring a woman’s private parts.

Love Doll Instruction Manual

  1. When you use your love doll for the first time, remember to wash her with warm water. She came to you after a long haul, so give her a bath.
  2. Insert the heating rod into your doll’s genital or backyard (heating should not exceed 10 minutes. (The inside is flammable).
  3. Push the appropriate amount of lubricant into the vagina or backyard.
  4. Can also be used with a vibrating egg to create a more realistic lovemaking experience through vibrating stimulation and tactile calling.
  5. Push, sprint, reach orgasm, or spray semen.