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Correct use of sex dolls

There are six main steps to use 1. Most of the sex dolls are made of non-toxic silicone used in medicine. The height and body shape are exactly the same as those of adults. Of course, they also have firm tits and lower parts. 2. Unpack the box and clean it with clean water and […]

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Definition of Sex and Sex Dolls

A hydoll sex doll torso is a very realistic sex toy, and its biggest function is to provide people with sexual services. In the past, inflatable dolls were mentioned in many movies and reports. With the revolution of technology and the evolution of materials, there are now sex dolls. People may need more sexual fantasies, […]

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What Are the Unique Types of Real BBW Sex Dolls?

145cm Real BBW sex dollsIn the media, adult toys are usually presented as toys that can be inflated. They are plastic, clumsy, and indistinguishable. Maybe, but today there are so many alternatives and many dolls are adjustable. We’ve put together an intensive lesson for your enlightenment and enjoyment. Read on to discover the imaginative and […]

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The WM 163 H Cup-Sydney

Hello everyone, it was a gloomy day today, therefore, Sydney me, and myself decided to have photos. We had a blast and hope you enjoy these photos of sexually explicit dolls for males. By 2045 one out of five youngsters says they are researching and sex is often robots. Ian Pearson scientists such as Dr. […]

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Hot 5 Sex Doll Movies

1 Love me Doll, I Love My Doll“Love me” Love my Doll is a romantic documentary which was released in 2007. It focuses on the story of lonely males who became enthralled by customized real-sized dolls. In the documentary, these men discuss how their dolls became their real-life counterparts and turned into their real-life counterparts. […]

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100cm Sex Dolls at Hydoll

It is recommended to be careful when purchasing silicone dolls. For high quality, lifelike silicone dolls are usually no less than $2,500. If you are not satisfied with your love doll, it is even more annoying. Therefore, it is important to understand the situation before purchasing. Unfortunately, in the vast Internet world, many suspicious online […]

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Daily Use of a Expensive Loli Sex Doll

Daily use of a Loli Love DollLove dolls are always consumed at a medium to a high level of luxury, which means that when they are broken, anyone can take care of them. Everyone should take care of their love dolls, both in terms of feelings and value. When used properly and cared for properly, […]


Daily Life with 165cm Sex Doll

The average weight of a standard full-size silicone or TPE sex doll is about 70 pounds. The weight of a sex doll depends on its height and proportions. For example, a tall real doll with a large bust and wide hips can weigh up to 100 pounds, while a short, slim love doll can weigh […]

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About the is a fantasy store that sells high-quality, realistic, and erotic dolls. Each sex doll is designed to bring an extreme level of pleasure. These dolls come in a variety of forms including lingerie, bras, panties, costumes, and masks. When you purchase a selection from HyDolls RealDolls, you are guaranteed to be pleased with the […]

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About Sex Doll Torso

A sex doll torso is a doll with a shape similar to that of a real woman, mainly for men to enjoy sex in a simulated way. It is a type of doll made for the same purpose called a sex doll, and refers to an expensive doll whose skin is made of silicone and […]

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Who Invented the 100cm Sex Doll?

Adolf Hitler is said to have invented the first inflatable 100cm sex doll. In late July 2020, a reader shared a blog post from 2016 with the headline “Did Adolf Hitler really invent the Dutchwife?”. The post prompted many curious readers to ask whether the leader of the German Nazi Party actually invented inflatable real […]

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Sex Life with a 100cm Sex Doll

I was not allowed to show his face. Dirk had a bad experience with the media. I was careful at first. After he realized that I hadn’t accused him of being a freak, he was forthright and honest. His hope was that the subject would get more publicity and that it should become a little […]

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A 100cm Sex Doll and the New Coronavirus

Today, many people are at risk of contracting a highly contagious respiratory infection caused by a newly discovered coronavirus strain, COVID-19. The threat of this virus has already been reported with a total of about 76,000 confirmed cases from mainland China, the center of the epidemic, and a total of about 1,000 isolated cases outside […]

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First Time to Buy 100cm Sex Doll

If you’re a first-time doll buyer, this is a must!You have to consult with your pocketbook to go to the sex industry, and you’re tired of doing it by hand when you masturbate… Especially when you can’t even go to the sex industry because of the coronavirus, it’s even more difficult to solve your sexual […]

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Falling in Love with 100cm Sex Doll

Gone are the days when sex dolls were thought of only as tools for sexual gratification. The age of progress has further developed the channels of our thoughts and perceptions. These realistic sex dolls were able to become an important part of their owners’ lives. The equation between the sex doll owner and their love […]

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What I Learned at the 100cm Sex Doll Factory

Solving for Male Desire–Flat chested sex doll When I took in the rows of heads mounted on the wall, my first impression was that I had stepped into a hunting lodge. Only these trophies had high gloss lip gloss and teased hair. Their static eyes seemed to stare at me, trained in the middle distance, […]

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Can I Sleep with Flat Chested Sex doll?

Many of you have emailed us asking if you can sleep with your flat chested sex doll. In order to help more doll owners, we have included a unified answer and some important information. First, the answer is yes. Love dolls You can sleep with them, but depending on the material of your sex doll, […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy A 100cm Sex Doll

Regardless of your motives, getting a luxury 100cm sex doll will greatly enhance your sex life by providing you with a submissive partner. Dolls have the ability to offer more than what a human can due to their immense flexibility and complete compliance. Realistic sex dolls have no limitations which make them the best bet […]

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How to Order a Flat Chested Sex Doll?

Sexual dolls have undergone countless changes, from inflated items that have only sexual appeal to real life creatures that are now as good as women. They came in various shapes and sizes to meet the diverse needs of the market, and many Flat Chested Sex Doll came to rescue people who experienced interpersonal fears or […]

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How to Choose Your First Big Booty Sex Doll

Sexual desire is the most important and unavoidable feeling that a normal human being has. In this competitive world, everyone is looking for a better quality of life. To be precise, everyone is busy with their work and earning money because there are other things besides sex that give people pleasure. So we need to […]

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Realistic 100cm Sex Doll for Sale

A 100cm Sex Doll has been in use for centuries, but it is only today that they are manufactured in such large quantities. The main purpose of all sex dolls for sale is to act as an aid for masturbation. This is more so as more and more young people are becoming demanding and their […]

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Cheap Sex Doll-Standing Legs Option

With the arrival of the 21st century, sex and entertainment toys have taken the market and its trends to a whole other level. A realistic TPE cheap sex doll now looks more realistic than ever. Modifications have also been introduced to make the whole act more adventurous and fun. The latest improvement is known as […]

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Why Choose Anime Sex Doll?

An anime sex doll may not necessarily seem completely realistic to some people, but rather, they want something that doesn’t look like it should. However, there are a few other reasons. It is not to look like the real thing, but to choose something that looks like an anime. Here are a few reasons why […]

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What to Research About 100cm Sex Doll?

More and more individuals are being introduced to the possibility of owning a 100cm Sex Doll considering the many benefits of customization. As discussed in the forums, there are many wonders to the option itself. For a beginner, dressing a high-end real doll is much easier and a lot of fun. As is the makeup, […]


Why Mini sex dolls Are Popular?

Real mini sex doll are a new type of adult toy. It has been around since the 17th century but only during the 20th century with the turn of the century it begins to gain popularity. These love dolls are manufactured in a form that resembles the features, quality, and appearance of the person you […]