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How Long Can a Sex Doll Torso Be Used

For most people, it is never easy to make their dreams come true. However, with the advent of a sex doll torso, the meaning of spiritual satisfaction and pleasure has completely changed. Now, people are realizing the importance of appreciating themselves. Such people prefer to befriend sex dolls because it can bring them better satisfaction […]


Is The Mini Sex Doll Corrupted By Women?

When it comes to dating a woman or falling in love with her, different men have different statuses. Some find it easy to meet the opposite sex and be in a romantic relationship. However, quite a few men do not know exactly how to have a romantic relationship with a woman and rarely feel the […]

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November Recommended Mini Sex Doll

I’d like to introduce you to this mini sex doll. If you want a miniature girl girlfriend, please take a look at this love doll, which is 130 centimeters long and small, with a half-open mouth and an orthodox beautiful girl face. It is a great sensation for those who love lolita. Also, while her […]

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Guests’ Experience Of Flat Chested Sex Doll

Flat-chested sex dolls have gained popularity among individuals who appreciate a more petite and natural aesthetic. These dolls offer a unique and intriguing experience that caters to different preferences and desires. Let’s explore some of the feedback and experiences shared by guests who have interacted with flat-chested sex dolls. Subtle and Natural Appearance: Many guests […]


Reveal The Truth Behind Cheap Sex Doll Industry

The debate surrounding a physical cheap sex doll is raging, with its deniers likening it to a bad product that objectifies humans and does nothing to help the development of interpersonal health in human society and is not conducive to the further development of intimate relationships, while those who hold them believe that physical dolls […]


The Precautions And Use Of A 100cm Sex Doll?

The 100cm sex doll is a male erotic product, and this product is designed for adult use. Today, we will introduce you to the matters that need attention. Erotic entity doll precautions. 1, first of all, the entity doll this product is for adult men, whether to buy or use, we must pay attention not […]


Why Do Men Love To Play 100cm Sex Doll?

In fact, 100cm sex doll has grown greater and greater market now. I do not lack the money, half of the doll makeup is curious, half is to help the boss. When this store first opened, it caused a sensation in our entire neighborhood, guests to our store to wash their faces and do nails […]


How The Actual BBW Sex Doll Is Made(2)

Advantages: health and safety, non-toxic and odorless, long service life, not easy to oil and deformation. Material can not be recycled, there is no waste made of BBW Sex Dolls; suitable for use.Third, silicone is a substance whose main component is silicon dioxide, it is soft, has good stability, adsorption and is not easy to […]


How The Actual BBW Sex Doll Is Made(1)

70% of the world’s adult products are produced in China, silicone dolls, for one. They are even more beautiful than real people, long legs, thin waist, large breasts, narrow shoulders, and small face, can be sexy and beautiful, but also innocent and healing is the look of many men’s dream lovers. As long as there […]

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How to care for your Silicone Dolls

Proper care of your dolls is an extremely important part of silicone sex doll ownership.  By keeping your girl clean and undamaged you’ll keep yourself and your doll healthy, and you’ll extend her lifespan by years! Below is our guide to keeping your silicone dolls in top condition. As you know, under normal circumstances, sex […]

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The TPE Doll Maintenance

HYDOLL as a popular website for sell sex dolls. We often hear buyers ask questions about how to take care of my sex doll. According to the different materials of TPE and silicone, HYDOLL will elaborate on how to maintain your sex doll. The instructions below only work for dolls made from TPE material (not […]

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How to Make a Sex Doll?

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT SEX DOLL PRODUCTION If you are interested in cheap sex doll, or just curious about how to make a sex doll, you may have discovered that doing a Google search doesn’t bring up much. Sex dolls are very intricate, and very few people have enough information about their production process. […]

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Sex Dolls Are Illegal?

Sex Dolls Are Illegal? Some wonder if sex dolls are legal in their country. This article will address the question of sex doll legality in the United States because that is where I store is located. The basic answer to this question is yes but there are a few complications that you have to be […]