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(Popularity Rate: 27 ) What is your opinion about sex dolls?

s have had child dolls made as well as adult dolls made. Without consent of the people they use other people's genital dimensions and also create dolls to abuse women's integrity because they are not paedophiles. Paedophiles never mature socially and don't know how to communicate as adults. Paedophiles in networks also get very bitter and aggressively because they Male Torso Sex Dollare always rejected and always believe they should be wanted because they never developed out of childhood sex abuse. Bitter social.acts include revenge porn, using and abusing child welfare, as well as putting in legal applications in absentia of a parent for custody! Their anger and humiliation sends them that far into stupidity and insanity especially when they are female as well as, in some cases it has been reported , intersex females. Sex dolls have to be policed and the production of them isn't and there doesn't seem to be any ethics governing their creation. It's fine if people consent, however a parent can't consent for their child because it is child abuse
Daniel Hilson and Rebecca Gilsenan with the help of Marcel Tobar have enjoyed shaming people with sex dolls and doctored photos to abuse people because having a paedophile brain coupled with Asperger's or a personality disorder has meant the most debased acta of stalking, including legal name changes, have gone protected by the police and unnoticed. Just as stealing a tattoo design is viewed as bullying so is I suppose non concensual doll making. What are the laws? And are they international? Australia doesn't even have laws protecting children and people from human trafficking to and from LEBANON how would anyone protect their rights when a lot of stupid people want to be rapes and looked on social media (like Kim Kardashian in America's rape culture)?
Sex dolls are cleaner than a celebrity and a North Sydney Girl from 1991 (gosh you wouldn't want to ask why North West was called North after knowing she was designed to be born on 15 June 2013- a year late..and Kate Middleton and Megan Markle wear North Sydney Girls uniform colours… all allegations since Kanye is too ignorant to know Hitchcock films North by North West!!!!)…There are benefits to sex dolls and there would need to be sexual assaults studies and drug abuse around them to consider whether they are ethical
Since special effects companies can ma

(Popularity Rate: 89 ) Which sex toys do Indian gays use?

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(Popularity Rate: 37 ) Is it ok to ask my girlfriend to use sex toys for anal stimulation (man - hetero)? When is it right?

't know what your relationship is like or how open you are.
My personal experience and the experience of the readers of our blog
has always been that when you have a good relationship, that is open then most things can be discussed.
Do you already use toys together during sex? If so then you can always bring up the subject of using anal toys.
If you don't then you could always try and discuss the subject together. You could say that you read an article about anal sex toys
and that you wonder what it would be like. See how she reacts and how open she is to using toys.
Or you could visit a sex shop together as a bit of fun and have a look at all the different toys on sale and then maybe buy one to try out.
Picking the right time to ask can also be a bit tricky. Asking over dinner at her parents may not be the best moment, but when she is giving you a blow job and touches your anus with her finger may be a much better time. :)
Men can and do enjoy anal sex as much as women, but anal sex is sometimes still considered as a bit of a taboo, especially for guys. A lot of guys think that when they mention anal sex or ask their girlfriend/partner to touch them there that it may make them sound gay or co

(Popularity Rate: 26 ) What can a male use for sex toys besides sex toys?

cut a hole out warm the mellon up not to hot for obvious reasons, i know you want a hot chick but not to hot or you will end up in A & E Hospital, any way joking to the side this will feel great, another way is to get a used toilet roll you want the middle bit wrap around some clothing or t shirt etc, then insert your finger make hole bigger add some elastic bands to keep in place, then use some personal lube to make it wet or butter and there you have one wet home made vagina sex toy, this device is used in prisons a lot. What ever you make at home use common sence do not share with others because of diseases STI etc. But to be honest sex toys the real thing i mean are far cheaper then you may think we at adultshopit have a under a fiver department under a tenner department surely 140 cm love doll this is c

(Popularity Rate: 91 ) I dreamed that I cut the penis off of a sex doll and then my mother died.What does this mean?

> The dream is meant to shock the dreamer into an awareness of an unhealthy psychological situation, one which keeps the dreamer from stepping into adult life.
Jung called this psychological stalemate the family romance. It typically manifests in a psychological relationship with a parent which takes on a character that is too much like a marriage or romance.
It can be really obvious, for example in a family where the father dies and an all-too-young son steps in to be the man of the house. I mean, it’s certainly a noble effort on the part of the child, but the mother can let it go too far.
A son cannot serve as a substitute, psychological husband. When that boy grows up, a huge part of himself is still trapped in childhood, despite the fact that he had to grow up early.
Another way it manifests is in the mother-son relationship where the mother acts like a poison in the man’s life - constantly pulling him aside and injecting him with her motherly wisdom regarding what he should and should not do with his life, all the while offering it as motherly love.
An unhealthy attachment to the Mother keeps a man from being able to authentically relate to women, and moreover, from connecting to the women who really attract him at the soul level.
There are many ways in which this kind of situation manifests itself, but at its root is an unhealthy psychological attachment that should be severed. Once you can do that, you should start seeing a different kind of feminine appearing in your dream, one which won’t constellate an incest taboo.
Archetypally speaking, this is called the battle for deliverance from the Mother (see C.G. Jung, Symbols of Transformation, CW, volume 5). It’s in every hero-fighting-the-dragon story.
I have assumed that the dreamer was a man, but I ha

(Popularity Rate: 90 ) If we added those Asian sex dolls in prison, would that make prisoners happier?

rug dealer or white collar felon could have several guards in cahoots with him and they could easily either bring the woman into a remote area of the prison. Or they could have the drug dealer/white collar criminal led to an area adjacent to the prison where security (and scrutiny) would be far lower than inside the prison itself. This would be an expensive luxury and, depending upon how well the prison is run, it would likely be rarity even for the most wealthy of inmates.
Whether or not the inmate can be taken to a local medical facility for an illness or medical treatment - It would be far easier for the guards to transport the inmate to a local medical facility for treatment (real or unnecessary) and secure a room for the inmate to meet the female there. This would be less problematic for everyone as the medical center is less likely to have the video surveillance as the prison would. And deniability would be far easier offsite than onsite ("How the hell did she get in there???")
Whether or not the inmate's attorney is willing to bring paralegal whose is willing to engage in sex with the inmate - Since attorney/client visitations are, by law, private other than occasionally monitoring the meeting visually from outside, the guards/COs cannot enter or video these meetings. The paralegal could "take care of business" and the attorney could find other things to occupy their attention meanwhile. Less discreet and probably more expensive as few attorneys might be willing to risk censure by their state legal bar just to provide a full range of services for their client.
Whether the COs/guards are transporting the inmate for a court appearance - Slightly more tricky than the medical ruse, but if done correctly, equally as discreet. The inmate is transported for a court appearance (real or unnecessary) and at some point the inmate/female connection is arranged. As long as the inmate didn't try to smuggle in drugs or escape, it's unlikely that the guards (or correctional officers) would have too many problems if they were paid enough.
Whether or not the prison has female COs, medical personnel or assorted employees who are willing to make "little extra." - What is rarely commented upon is that COs in prisons are poorly paid. Silicone Sex DollWhile a corrupt male CO probably isn't interested in sexual congress with the inmates for money (If for no other reason than it would make him appear to be weak and potentially threaten his life at the prison) a corrupt female CO or prison employee may view the situation in a different manner. As long as the prisoners was wealthy, healthy and discreet he may find that having to get a woman "smuggled in" might be unnecessary.
It's doubtful that a wealthy or powerful man, even a prisoner, would not be able to obtain nearly anything that he wants if he is willing to pay for it. And it's even more doubtful t