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(Popularity Rate: 29 ) Should I hire a prostitute, buy a sex doll or watch porn?

I don’t think it’s necessary for the first one. It cannot solve your long-term needs and does not guarantee that you will not be infected. I prefer the second one because I bought a tantaly sex toy myself. The experience is great. The last one it will only give you spiritual satisfaction

(Popularity Rate: 95 ) What was the first sex toy you got?

hat it would be Aibei Dolllike to have a guy take me out for a night and make me feel like a woman. I was so curious that I went out and bought a 6″ realistic dildo with a suction cup on it. I would get all dressed up and sometim

(Popularity Rate: 85 ) Do men like sex toys?

Yes - in most cases they are 3 feet dolls for sale played with a partner or partners. It helps stimulation for all parties participating. They can be a lot Flat Chested Sex Dollof fun but in most cases men prefer to play with sex toys and people at the same time as opposed to by themselves.

(Popularity Rate: 45 ) Is it right that sex toys are unacceptable in most countries?

, as soon as you make a medical 3 feet dolls for sale claim or reference on your product or in your advertising you fall under the authority and scrutiny of their health authorities. e.g. Health Canada (Canada), Food & Drug Administration (USA) etc. Unless you have full clinical stuties to back up your health or me

(Popularity Rate: 37 ) Sex: How do I choose my first sex toy?

you that I am a woman, in the United States, and a bit older (older if you are in your 20's. I know all of you consider 30 'old' and I'm over that age).
TLDR: Talk with your partner, decide what you are looking for to achieve what you are looking for, and find a great store with knowledgeable employees. It will make all the difference.
I recommend you speak with your partner about any sex toys you would like to try and if it's your first ever (or your partner's first ever) I also suggest you shop together to make sure you are enhancing your sexual experience and not making one or the other of you uncomfortable. Honestly, talking with your partner about what you like concerning sex and what you may like to try is the best policy. You never know what fantasies or kinks you have that may be very welcomed by your partner.
I would suggest trying to find a sex shop in your area that has knowledgeable employees that don't make you uncomfortable. Unfortunately, this can be a tall order, depending where you are located.
I have visited various sex shops in a couple of states and checked 3 feet dolls for sale the ratings on others. Yes, you can find ratings on Yelp for this. There are some that I would never think of setting foot in because all I ever saw (no matter the time of day) were old men carrying brown bags coming out. That tends to mean porn shop with booths and lots of magazines and likely judgemental and creepy older and male staff (male staff isn't necessarily bad, but can be super creepy if you are a woman and they aren't welcoming). If you walk in and are not comfortable, feel free to walk right back out. This tends to be an 'awkward' purchase in most societies (unfortunately) so you absolutely want to be comfortable in the store.
The chains aren't bad, Castle
and Fascinations
are the big chains in my area. They more resemble a WalMart or Ross than an adult store. But I found a place that has very knowledgeable employees and good reviews, as well as a recommendation from my boyfriend that the employees weren't creepy (he was right), that is not a chain. I have shopped there a few times and will return there for any sex toys and accessories strictly because of the staff. Though it freaked me out walking through 2 security detectors on the way in, it was worth it. And it looks like a totally non-descript porn shop in a strip mall from the outside. But the employees are fabulous and non-judgemental. One guy gave me a tour of the shop pointing out where items were according to what you were particularly looking for and where the "newbie" or 'mild' items were as opposed to the 'hard-core' items.
The reason I suggest finding a shop in your area is that for your first toy, you are going to want to see it and feel it in person. The 'feel it' part is kind of important for your first toy. Sex toys are made from a variety of materials and you want to know what you are going to have touching your most sensitive parts. You want to get the input of a knowledgeable person as to how it will work for you and what you are looking for.
I know I keep using the phrase "knowledgeable employee", but that can make a huge difference. You are buying a product for a specific purpose. You know, or have an idea, of what you want the product for. A good employee of any company will be able to answer all of your questions and steer you toward what will work best for you, and this is still true in the sex industry. If a particular sex toy cannot be used with certain types of lube (which you will want to pick up anyway), you want to know that before you buy products that will not work well together. If you are into BDSM you want to know which items are more for a beginner and which are really meant for hard core users. If you have never used a vibrator or dildo, you want to get some input (no pun intended there you pervs) on what that specific item will and won't do.
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(Popularity Rate: 68 ) What is the history of the "amnesty" boxes placed at the exits of US army shooting ranges? I understand the purpose is to allow soldiers who "accidentally", but unlawfully, took ammunition from the range to drop the rounds in the box without penalty.

d briefings before you board your aircraft to fly to Iraq or Afghanistan) there were rather large amnesty boxes. These were literally boxes the size of small dumpsters with square openings on all sides to accept whatever bad stuff that needs to be gotten rid of.
As an officer, it was part of my job to make it very clear to those about to deploy that this was their absolute last chance to get rid of any contraband before they board the aircraft for the sandbox. All sins will be forgiven, just do yourself a favor and get rid of it now. Once you board that aircraft the deal is off, and you're gonna find yourself in a world of hurt if you get caught with any bacon.
Oh, the stuff they put in those boxes. If you could put Sodom and Gomorrah in a box you'd have it right there. There were a fair amount of personally owned sidearms along with a bunch of ammo. Troops were warned about those as a big no, no. They must have gotten smart and dumped them in the box at the last second. Not a cheap error in judgement. There were a few small baggies of drugs. Not smart. Smart to get rid of them while they had a get out of jail free card. Then there was the porn, Lifelike Sex Dollsall kinds of porn. The box was filled up to your knees in porn. Keep in mind that most of the folks in these predominately Muslim countries that we were going into would consider most of the magazines in your average American grocery store check out line as porn. Mixed in with the porn were some blow up dolls. Gross. There was alcohol.....mostly those little bottles like you'd get get on a commercial aircraft. Those had to go in the box. Anything even tangentially related to pork had to go. Pork rinds? In the box. Slim Jims? Not really sure exactly what all the hell goes into those, better safe than sorry. We weren't supposed to take over any politically objectionable material, but in all honesty, that wasn't a major problem at all.
So, what did we do with this treasure trove of debauchery at the end of the day? Well, all of the officers and senior NCOs got together behind closed doors and divvied it up.....JUST KIDDING!!! MPs took it somewhere and made it disappear. I ask no questions.
I'm sure the am