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(Popularity Rate: 68 ) Where can I get sex toys in Patna?

alcohol then there are ways to get it but do note this that YOU ARE COMMITTING A SERIOUS AND VERY PUNISHABLE OFFENCE AGAINST THE STATE!
Now that fact is clear, let me tell you that it is very difficult to get any amount of alcohol if you don’t live in Patna and just visiting without any proper contacts. Alcohol especially whiskey is being smuggled from neighbouring states and police are very active in cracking these businesses down.
Here’s what you need to keep in mind(if you live in Patna):
Find people who have claimed to drink alcohol after the ban. You can find these people anywhere, if in conversation with mutual friend or suppose any stranger, start this topic and see where it goes, they will know someone who knows someone who is close to dealer. Get the dealer’s number finally and get your doorstep delivery.
Inspect the bottle well, there will be people who mix these drinks with local made alcohol making it poisonous. Since the whole deal is done discretely, you will be in a hurry and probably be scammed.
Keep the drinking strictly indoors and abyss sex dolls don’t take any risks or expose yourself to even neighbours. Never carry drinks to public space or go to a public place intoxicated.
Be prepared to pay 50% more than the MRP. High risks,high rewards for dealers.
I am just answering this to fulfil your curiosity. I don’t promote drinking or any crime against the state. Finding alcohol is very difficult and word of mouth is the only way of spreading the news that a dealer is selling.
As far as my sources go, I would like to make this clear that I have never actually been a dealing or buying par

(Popularity Rate: 28 ) Should sex toys be legalised in India? Why?

Sex toys are not legal in India. Even though they are available (just as many illegal things are), they are not that easy to purchase, more so for women. They should certainly be made legal. What possible rational reason is there to ban them? Using a sex toy is a simple expression of one's own bodily autonomy and sexual pleasure. Choosing to use a sex toy doesn't hurt anybody abyss sex dolls else or take away from their rights.

(Popularity Rate: 29 ) What is free sample for using sex toys?

wn legit sex toy until I was 16 or 17 and it was a gift from my 2 years older cousin. Now between 11 years old and my first toy, I had great alternatives that I enjoyed very much. Some of those were Hairbrush Handles, Curling irons, unplugged of course, SY DollAnd electric toothbrush for a makeshift vibrator.
I had and still have a curling iron set just like this, with the same curling barrels, but it wasn’t Foxybae. As a young girl who could not get real sex toys, these were amazing. I still get the tingles when I’m digging through the drawer in the bathroom for something and I see one of the barrel attachments.
These look similar to ones I had when I was younger and I still have one I travel with, not because I need a hairbrush, but because male TSA agents love to pull Sex Toys out of your bags and ask loudly “Mam? What is this? What is its purpose?” With my trusty Hairbrush, a Male Agent see’s a Hairbrush. A female TSA agent see’s a beaten down hairbrush with maybe 15 or 20 bristles on the entire thing and a nice fat handle and knows exactly what it really is and I’ve had a few give a smile and a nod. And one female agent picked it up between her thumb and forefinger looked through the bag, then dropped it back in there and put on new latex gloves. I felt like saying “Excuse me! I wash all my toys before putting them away! Thank you very much!” but I said nothing. 😂
The back of the brush head on the clit feels pretty good.
Then, when I was 14, I entered a whole new class of makeshift sex toys, why? Because curiosity bit me in the ass! I have a German Shepherd at my Parents and was my best friend from 15 years old on and will be bringing him here next spring after graduation. Being a young Dog owner afforded me the ability to grab some of these makeshift sex toys. Some may find it gross, but hey, if you don’t let the dog play with it first, it’s perfectly safe and nobody is none the wiser when they see a dog toy on your dresser if you have a dog.
My gf and I were recently at Walmart with our roommate, being goofy and I was dared to ask for something embarrassing. We were near the pet section and I asked the associate working near there where they kept the personal lubricant and she told me near the pharmacy. I asked “Why don’t you guys keep any near the sex toy section?” and she looked confused, and said “We don’t sell sex toys here, do we?” I was like “Yeah, right over here.” and I walked over a couple aisles and pointed at the yellow Nylabone toy that hooks the G-Spot so perfectly, and said “These sex toys!” She laughed and was like “Oh you! Those are dog toys!” and I was like “Yeah, but don’t tell me you’ve never given them a second look and wondered!” and she laughed and said she was now.
It made my night to make her laugh while at work. I know it has to suck being required to wear masks for a full shift like they are.

(Popularity Rate: 84 ) What are some sex toys from AdamEve?

hands or save up buy some amazing and safe sex toys
. While I strongly believe what I just said to you, I also know the excitement that comes from wanting to explore pleasure and being broke at the same time. So, here are some expert-approved DIY toys for when you want to get out of your own hands-
For vulva-owners:
The infamous cucumber and similar vegetables can be lubed up and used for vaginal or anal penetration. Who doesn’t love a good ol’ pillow-humping session and reliving you first orgasm from it? For the busy and horny women, removable shower heads are bliss as it allows you to bathe and b-aaaaah-th at the same time! Want to take advantage of your sensitive nipples to have fun? Grab some paper clips or chopsticks and tie a rubber hand to make nipple clamps from them. Everyone knows electric toothbrushes, phones, and sitting on washing machines are great “toys” because vibrations act as the best stimulation for vulva-owners.
For penis-owners:
A lubed up plastic bag can be very stimulating for the penis. If you would love to be eco-friendly, you should use a sock because socks are cheap, always available, great stimulators and cum-catchers. Fruit such as melon and fruit peel such as a banana peel can be used as masturbators. You can use fabrics/clothes like scarves, sheets, or pillows, too by bunching them up and thrusting into them.
For Couples:
A little unheard but very pleasurable, necklace or bracelets made of beads or pearls are great to be wrapped around the penis and moved along its length while your partner sucks your penis. Who needs expensive toys to spank when you can use wooden spoons and spatulas?! Clean scrubbers or hair brushes can be used to give tingling sensations to your partner’s thighs, butts and breasts. It would feel greater if you have spanked t

(Popularity Rate: 88 ) Suppose Voodoo dolls were real. What happens when you sit on yours?

Say this was real, why would you sit on your own doll? Was it in your back pocket? Why? Why are you carrying your own voodoo doll of yourself around in your back pocket? Shouldn’t that be locked up in a safe where it can’t be harmed? If you sit on your own voodoo doll, you’ll probably die of stupidity.

(Popularity Rate: 56 ) How do sex toys work?

ipple clamps? Electro-stimulation? Sounding rods?
In simple terms, a sex toy is a toy used to stimulate the body sexually. That might be on your own, as an aid to masturbation, or with a partner as an addition to sex.
Some have mechanical components like vibration or suction or movement that can be controlled by WM Dollsthe user or sometimes by their partner via a remote control or app. Others you manipulate with your own hands, or simply insert inside the anus,

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