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(Popularity Rate: 31 ) Is using an anal sex toy dangerous?

Using it for what? For it’s intended purpose- probably not if you take appropriate care. Drilling a couple holes in it, plugging the plug and amazing sex doll Piper Dollusing it as a salt shaker- cute but not dangerous. Using it as a fetch toy with your dog, a door stop or a replacement screwdriver handle……

(Popularity Rate: 99 ) Why do crossdressers like sex toys?

with a cross dresser or just something you heard?
They really have nothing to do with each other. Cross dressing is simply the desire to wear clothing of the opposite sex.
Sex toys are meant to give additional pleasure to one during sexual relations or masturbation. I do not understand why the clothes you were wearing before you started to use the sex toy has anything to do with the desire amazing sex doll to use sex toys.
As a side note, it is likely that women use more sex toys then men but this has nothing to do with the clothes they are wearing. It is only because their bodies are better suited for such stimulation. Technology is catching up with this and there is starting to appear better sex toys for men. Unfortunately the biggest advances for sex toys for men appears to be sex bots which can be pu

(Popularity Rate: 76 ) What is the meaning of the Hole (Courtney Love) song, "Doll Parts"?

It is about a woman who is being objectified as a collection of her body parts and feels bad about herself and her ability to be in a loving relationship. Probably stemming from her real life herion addiction and her up and down relationship with Kurt Cobain She also wants the most cake, she wants to be a real winner at life and not a fake loser trying to get by. Personally I think Celebraty Skin is the best track on that album.

(Popularity Rate: 74 ) Where can I get sex toys in Lucknow?

ches into the inner most parts of my being. Sexually anal is something I really enjoy and find it great for both sexes.
I am into crossdressing so naturally being strap on fucked adds to all the excitement.
I enjoy the VAC u LOC system that allows interchangeable dongs. So if you are in the mood for a bigger dong no problem.
My partner or live in GF would lay out sissy clothes for me. Consisting of panties, garterbelt, stockings, and sheer nightie. She would tell me to dress after I shower and then go to bed. Asking me to select which dong I want her to fuck me with? So I pick the 9 inch dong for her strap on belt.
She instructs me to go to sleep but know sometime in the middle of the night she would fuck me.
Going to bed so horny knowing I was going to get fucked was so heart warming to me. So sure enough about 3 am she is pulling me over to her and has me take it doggie style.
Knowing I love it so much she is prompting me saying do you like that? How does that feel? She also told to beg for it which I had no problem.
She flips me over and opens me up like a V feet up. Pumping me this way was like pouring healing oil on my wounds. Her feminine touch was just amazing and made me feel so warm inside. I asked If I could help her cum as she said she just did from rubbing against me. Wow best sex I ever had. She reached down into my subconscious and did something to me.
This was one of many adventures we had.
I am so for strap on's and love women that are free enough to try them.
BTW the large majority of girls I have dated enjoy using them

(Popularity Rate: 83 ) Should a 13 year old have a sex toy?

the picture, though:
By age 13, most kids have been masturbating for many years, and a “sex toy” is just another way to do what they’ve done half their lives already with their hands, a stuffed toy’s nose, the climbing rope at the school gym, the bath faucet or shower-nozzle, the electric toothbrush, and/or the arm of your living room sofa.
Except in Alabama, there is no state or federal law in effect anywhere from the Rio Grande to the North Pole that forbids any 14 year old kid just walking into the local Walmart (BB&B, London Drugs, Spencer’s and many other places) and bringing home the best such toy (s)he can afford.
By my own lights, this question is exactly as age-inappropriate (and for exactly the same reason) as ”Can I let my 10yo cross the street”, or “Is 7 too young to begin toilet training”?
With all that said, remember that the stupidest alternative for a kid that age is total sexual abstinence… a promise like that is *impossible* for any child to keep who has ever learned how to have an orgasm:
“she only does it in the car”
Sexual interest (and frequent, annoying horny frustration) is NORMAL at age 13, so if the kid is inclined to explore non-solo sex (with or without toys), *totally non-reproductive* sex at that age should be counseled and encour

(Popularity Rate: 65 ) What did you do for fun today?

in the afternoon...
No, this is not our department chair. I mean, the picture (which is being abused for a despicable purpose) belongs to our department chair. But the sender of the email is not the chair, but someone who is impersonating him. Something like that happened last spring as well, so I was prepared for this - and I decided to set aside my work and have some fun. (Because everyone deserves it every now and then, even me.)
So I replied:
Needless to say, the scammer was delighted to receive a response.
And it is a summer day, but Boston isn’t the best place to live in summer. So I let my imagination run wild. Let’s imagine going to Honolulu!
And of course, I had to be super-enthusiastic about helping my department chair, too!
But I couldn’t let him get what he wanted so easily. I was determined to play with this guy like a cat plays with a mouse.
And I could as well pave the way for an elaborate story that would help me have fun…
Buying Super Mario games for your grad students is obviously the most natural thing to do.
I needed him to confirm the Super Mario thing. If I am gonna buy cards for him, I need to know what it’s gonna be used for! Also, I have to insist on buying coconuts. For research, of course!
At this point he seemed to be figuring out some things. I didn’t want my game to end prematurely, so I backed off with modesty.
For a while.
Then I arrived at Target!
Too bad, Forever 21 would have been a good choice. But he doesn’t like that.
Yup, excuse my typos here. I was just too damn excited about the coconuts.
And I even forgot to attach the pics.
And then came the epic response.
And I continued.
He smelled money, so he was getting restless.
So I decided to bore him to death with arithmetics.
And of course there had to be more coconut water involved, because I am in Honolulu according to this story. Remember?
And then he asked for the pictures. I did as he asked me to, I don’t know why he was upset.
But I guess he wanted something else.
So he was trying to establish trust, and I just played along.
And I had to make Pregnant Sex Dolla fuss about missing the conference presentation, too! It was important!
But he wanted his cards so badly…
Playing the fool…
And then I had to be an annoying linguist who has trouble with reference resolution…
Yes, he actually had to tell me to scratch it with my fingernails.
And then I gave him the good news!
I am obviously censoring the final word, but everyone knows what it is!
Needless to say, he was bitter about it. (Sorry buddy, you asked for it. Also, I don’t have a job I can lose, so jokes on you! Haha!)
Yes, the life of a grad student can be boring, but as you see, every now and th

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