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(Popularity Rate: 98 ) Is buying online sex toys safe?

substitutes. Here some suggestions, hope it can help you:
Cucumber sex toy:
1:Get a cucumber and cut it off at both ends,ensuring the remaining part is longer than your penis.
2:Use a spoon to hollow out the middle part of the cucumber are sex dolls real and guarantee the diameter of the hollow can fit your penis.
3:Put the cucumber in boiling water for a while, so that the cucumber will not break and will be warmer than vagina.
4:Lean on the sofa at 120 degrees, use your right hand to rotate your penis to make it hard and then put the cucumber on the penis(warning:Don't let the warm cucumber burn you).
5:You can move your bodies so that the penis pushes into the Cucumber and then pulls partly out again just like a real vagina sex.
Cup Big Tits Sex Dollsex toy:
1:Get a cup,pour in 100g starch and 200g water, mix up
2:Place it in the microwave for two minutes to solidify mixture
3:Get the cup out of the microwave and make a small hole in the middle part, place it in microwave again for half a minute .
4:Insert a stick smaller than your penis into the middle hole
5:Place it in the refrigerator for 40 minutes
6:After cooling down, pull out the stick, and you can use it
You could also refer to my other answer to a similar question[1]. Finally, recommend you a good place to get your dream toy—if it’s possible in the future:[2]
[1] Ashley Erick's ans

(Popularity Rate: 61 ) Xenia(24years)

niversity. I am Russian, born in St. Petersburg and asex dollwho is very spirited and full of relish. I have never completely lost my Russian accent and quickly noticed that men find it really cool when I whisper dirty things into their ears.

I love to dress in exciting and tight clothes. I find short skirts and tops with a low neckline so sexy, just like smoky make-up that can be beautiful during an intense blowjob. I like to party, and you can meet me in the VIP area of the best clubs. Everyone turns to look at me, but I just want to be yourreal dolland satisfy your lust.

As a TPE doll with a slim figure and very narrow waist I am perfectly suited to ride you for hours. I am already a little s**t, that knows no limits as a goodadult doll. If you get me in the mood by licking my hard nipples, I will quickly be ready and willing to offer you any of my openings.

Chilled champagne, delicious cocktails, are sex dolls real fast cars and fast, hard sex. I like good-looking and potent men, but especially generous men over 40 years of age. At first, I might be a little cool and rather dismissive. But if you show your gratitude to me with small or large gifts, I melt and become as cuddly as I am greedy. Because I am also a real doll, who just wants to be taken into your arms.

', "I'll tell you my sex doll secret: I am a love doll who is absolutely into f

(Popularity Rate: 88 ) How come many Asian adults love collecting dolls and figurines while most western adults grow out of collecting dolls and toys?

ey may also bathe, clothe, and care for these dolls as if they were real, with some pushing them around in stores and other public areas, showing them off to whoever is around.
Naturally, that is going to cause a stir.
I have no interest in judging. Still, they may need to realize that some can’t picture spending thousands of dollars on a complete layette, wardrobes, strollers, and even entire nurseries for a piece of silicone, much less making them food and pretending to change their diapers. As seen in the link, many (including some husbands) will never understand.
Why not? Well, imagine going to the dog park. One gentleman has two small dogs in sweaters that he fusses over, while getting out their little “poopy bags.” He gets their leashes out, then a ball, and talks to them about playing “fetch” as dogs of all kinds walk and run around him.
You notice him, say “Hi,” and tell him you think his dogs look very cute. Then, you suddenly realize the dogs are still just sitting there. Silently…
“Oh!? They are not real dogs” (that takes a second to sink in).
“Why the bags, then?” you ask.
“Because it's part of the experience!” He replies.
“See, I made some synthetic dog poop!” He says, eagerly pulling a baggie out of his doggie accessories.
Yes. Some women make fake poop for their reborns and change their diapers in public and on YouTube.
Can we at least admit that seeing this is not everyone's cup of tea? Some people, as seen on the link, get unnerved. Must we judge them? Sure, one can admire the dolls themselves as a form of art. One can understand some of the women, too. After having my son, I know what female hormones can do. I love the smell of baby products and could even see holding a doll to see how it feels, but that’s as far as I could go.
The women have a wide variety of reasons for getting these dolls.
One woman said, “People normally don’t look at you” (at women her age), “but they pay attention if you’re pushing a baby.” Some people feel invisible, and getting American Sex Dollattention isn’t a reason for having a child. So, there are many reasons not to judge. Yet I hope we are allowed to have opinions on phenomena, since it is only taken as a whole that the reborn trend bothers me.
In fact, this phenomenon makes me profoundly sad.
To me, it seems that something is very wrong with a world where millions of real human babies are torn apart by abortion—permanently disposed of— because they are seen as a burden, while elsewhere in that same world, entire fortunes are spent on nurseries and huge wardrobes for the perfect silicone baby:
It will always look beautiful.
It will never make a mess.
It will never be too noisy, or be a real-life inconvenience
It will never grow up.
Neither will those tens of millions of real children who were deemed too expensive—or otherwise burdensome— to live at all.
To “reborn” admirers: This opinion in no way blames you for the trag

(Popularity Rate: 68 ) What are the WTF moments in gaming?

br> I'll start with the first playable WTF moment; it occurs while gaining control of the character for the first time, right after his disturbing introduction cut scene*, which happens to be one explicit WTF moment, in itself.
It is my most memorable WTF moment of the game, because it occurs shortly after Trevor's introduction, and that stuck with me; I hadn't yet become immune to Trevor's shock factor at that point in the game, so anything he said or did was still so fresh and disturbing.
You can imagine my surprise when, shortly after the cut-scene, I found myself exploring Trevor's hideout, and walked into the bathroom to find a blow-up doll in the shower! Gross. I felt like I needed a shower myself, after seeing that.
Screen shot, H2O Delirious
Trevor was the most offensive character I have ever played in a video game. Every sentence he uttered to everything he did was a WTF moment. He was out-of-control, and yet, I was controlling his character in the game. He was me. WTF?
Especially when it came to the torture scene. WTF!? Was I seriously expected to use the various tools set out on the table before me to torture the poor fellow tied up in the basement? That's just sick, twisted and perverted. Guess what? I did it. I clamped those battery thingies onto his nips and gave him a shock. Or two. Not only did I zap him, I believe I may have pulled are sex dolls real out a tooth. Isn't that horrible?
GTA Wiki Fandom
I wanted the story to progress, and let's face it, by that point in the game I was getting into character, and I'd long since stopped being a law-abiding citizen. I was stealing cars, and running over little old ladies who got in my way as I was being chased by cops. I was blowing stuff up and shooting aliens. I was hanging out in seedy clubs and back alleys with dangerous criminals. I was having fun, too.
I was a bad guy. As the game wore on I got used to the character, and immune to his horrifying Black Sex Dollways. I even thought he was funny at times. Perhaps I should stick with more wholesome games like Little Big Planet from now on? Nah!
Screenshot of my phone. Little Big Planet themed background.
I'm a good guy in real life; video games are harmless fantasy. Cartoons. Art. I have fun with them. They are merely for entertainment. I know that. I don't really keep a blow-up doll in my shower. I just play with one on t.v.
*You guys will have to YouTube the Trevor introduction you

(Popularity Rate: 55 ) How come people are fine with the character of Scarlett Witch having sex with a robot in the MCU, but buying a sex doll is looked down upon?

I think you're reading a lot into this.
No where in the MCU is it stated that The Vision is anatomically correct. The comics might have implied something different, but I was never a huge Scarlett Witch fan in the comics so I can't draw from that medium.
To be quite honest, if I were to try and reason out the mechanics of an intimate relationship between the two - It would need to involve Wanda's reality manipulation/illusions to grant Vision humanity. And if I'm not mistaken, such was done during the Infinity War portion of the two part movie.
As to why it might be more acceptable? Vince Averello rightly points out that Vision has the ability to develop emotions, attachments and bonds with other people. So in this way, he is a mechanical life-form, but one that can easily emulate and adapt to humanity itself.
When a human uses an inanimate object shaped like a male or a

(Popularity Rate: 43 ) Do you enjoy watching your male SO use sex toys?

terdam and London. Amsterdam being what it is, we bought a sex toy in a sex shop in are sex dolls real the Red Light district (a trip in itself!). It was Robot Sex Dollsupposed to be a sort of motorized sleeve for a man’s penis to simulate a blow job.

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